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Week 10 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

February 28, to March 6, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports
New IBC Members & Directors

This week in review:
Mr. Brain S. Mason and the momentous Development of the DWB. (Development World Bank)
(DWB is the financial platform of the Marine Foundation – Official Website here)
(Marine Foundation is the project development platform of the DWB)

Presidential Invitation to Guinea Conakry Confirmed

Brian S. Mason and the momentous Development of the DWB.

There is always a great story that shapes the life and character behind great entrepreneurs’ achievements when they finally succeed. We rarely understand that great achievers forge their life upon the merit inherited from their immediate family’s moral values as a start. A good education often results from an environment when one is bright enough to understand the right from the wrong. Brian S. Mason, born of a Canadian Father and a Mother’s blood of the Mikmac Indian tribe of North East Canada, illustrates the bliss of what will represent good corporate governance for the betterment of the humanities. His father, Merchant Marine Captain, to working for government police agencies, brought young Mason with many adventuresome stories that fed the boy’s life to learning about world’s affairs much in advance to school material. His mother, a primary school teacher, made him attend the second term of every school day at home. Advantageous with homework, his schoolmates would jokingly discern that a school teacher as a mother is as scary as a smiling “Santa Claus” saying: “You have no choice, but to be a “Good Boy” year in and out.” Brian’s mother’s ancestral wealth also included the moral wisdom of a giant-looking impressive Indian Grand Father lingering on the youngster’s mind in pursuing the strict spirited standard of becoming a young warrior of good deeds. This natural disciplinary environment was part of Mr. Mason’s education. For example, his Dad teaching him to wear a three-piece suit and a necktie by age six does underline some unforgettable moments of learning good social manners. After a childhood of principles and aspirations, adolescent Mason naturally took the road less traveled, discovering that doing good for others was an inescapable mission he felt he had to assume. A bright education truly springs out of the environment in which we live, I suppose.

Of all the types of business one entrepreneur wants to get into, I’d say that building a financial organization from scratch is not for the faint-hearted. After decades in business ventures comprised of several industries, the concept of a bank of development came flirting with the then experienced businessman’s mind. It took seven harsh years of setting up the DWB (Development World Bank), successfully registered as a financial organization on Sovereign land in British Columbia. This realization came with the wholehearted support of the Native societies of Canada. Do we know the story of the indigenous people of North and South America? Impregnated and affected by his culture’s struggle, at a time with an Indigenous Wife, Mr. Mason’s couple gave birth to their only son. Back then, Mr. Mason’s motives for entrepreneurial endeavors went much deeper than just business. What he knew to be true had spoken to his heart. The present government’s disrespect toward the first inhabitants of the land was flagrant. Sadly, losing his only son due to a nasty motor accident made him further appreciate his heritage’s bounty and beauty amid indescribable sorrow. At the same time, thousands of his fellow Natives came from all regions of America to honor and comfort one of their own.

We all have a story to tell, and in that regard, we often trace it back to the value of ancestral teaching. In any region of the world, particularly Africa, the traditional heart of the Native people teaches absolute respect for one another. Mr. Mason’s DWB speaks to those who dream of establishing economic development concepts where common sense rhymes with unconventional methods of discovering systems that work to improve everybody’s life. Shouldn’t this be the aim of modern societies?

Today’s financial organizations profit from established conventional models leaving out the distressed conditions of those they benefit from. Mr. Mason realizes that building a financial platform should surpass the role of just being a bank’s brick walls of accumulated legal treacheries that help greed, power, and stock market warmongers. DWB comes with a strategy of services that prioritize regional developments anywhere. Mr. Mason’s well-engineered concept guided him to the inevitable inception of duality and a synergistic plan of action that would include the positioning of the most sophisticated project development and PR platform on earth: enters the Marine Foundation.

Mr. Mason’s ambition and unshakable commitment are to bring economic developments to all cultures, which would be a determinant for real peace. An investment banker or the financial algorithm mathematician might ignorantly live their life as kings of their unsustainable self-centered career plans, to contemplate at the end that they were on a mission to help no one but themselves. The DWB’s mission goes further than just financial recognition and success. It goes by the heart of the motherland to speak to those who love traditions and nature. I have never tried to be proudly right in predicting an enterprise’s future, but then again, I have never been wrong. DWB is here to stay, and it will become the financial organization of the century. You do not have to be perfect to be Heaven’s instrument. Just setting up your bases with common sense that speaks the message of achieving 100% for the sake of others puts your destiny on cruise control towards success, whether you want it or not. The seed of real success lies in the motive, more than just programming the result. The Future of Brian S. Mason’s DWB lies in its noble purpose.

Presidential Invitation to Africa Confirmed: Starting with Guinea Conakry:

What was predicted on week 6 of this year, 2021, came true now and confirmed. MARINEF-DWB is invited to develop its first African country officially. The meeting will happen end of April and will be a delegation of about ten members. This maneuver will have the domino effect to spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Cote d’Ivoire immediately. That is it, dear brothers and sisters. The time has finally come for the Marine Foundation to set its footprint on the motherland, the old continent.

Great thanks to Mrs. Balde, President of Marine Foundation Guinea Conakry. When President Conde took office, he became the first freely elected president in the country’s history. This event will be the first personal presidential appointment of the Marine Foundation and DWB in Africa. It is also the work of our Economic Development Minister, Mr. Paul Yapoga, who tactfully made his way towards this event to happen. Architect Henri Gueydan, Minister of Marine Foundation’s Construction and Real Estate Infrastructure will attend. Also Mr. Fred Ferguson of Waterotor, Mr. Brian S. Mason Chairman of DWB, Professor Fukumoto Minister of Technology at Marine Foundation, and quite of few other key figures who represent the starting development in Africa. 

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Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Sunday 28, February 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Successful Communication with Asia Royal Family for regional projects.
Communication with Hamdi DWB and correspondance.
Gathering online Event – South-Korea-Japan.
Purchase the Production software – Youth Production Center.
Sent the letter of transfer to accountant. Marine Foundation Switzerland.
Complete week 9 today and send out.
Discussion with Carmen Cole on World Tricot Africa and Sponsorship
Meeting Nikio – student leadership department.

Monday 01, March 2021
The day starts at 4:00 Am.
Discussion with Dan – DWB investments.
Discussion with Mr. Mason – the growth of the concept.
Mrs. Kayoko Akahane’s birthday wishes.
Preparation of the week 10 reports.
Culdip Chabal – from India – Correction of Documents.
Presentation of Carmen Colle to Dubai Investors and Sponsors.

Tuesday 02, March 2021
The day starts at 3:30 Am.
Presentation to Paul special contact.
Asia Royal Family Presentation – Reply preparation.
Preparing the Japan PPP for investment in Africa and Japan.

Wednesday 03, March 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Meeting with Mr. Mieno at FCCJ.
Heaven’s communication. Inspirational thoughts.
PR work completed with Human resources.
Communication with Tomoko.
Communication with Melani.

Thursday 04, March 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Getting all the passports ready for April Trip
Contract with Thailand ready.
Welcoming new members and completing the center section of IBC.
Preparation: Banquet of Japanese Engineers and Developers for Africa.
Brain’s article coming around. Should be completed today.

Friday 05, March 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Completion of the Article DWB.
Presidential letter to Sierra Leone.
Presidential letter to Liberia.
Communication with Paul.
Communication regarding Asian Royal family Contacts.
Completion of Passport presentation for April.
Communication with Tomoko – Weekend schedule.

Saturday 06, March 2021
The day starts at 2:00 Am.
Completion page of the new IBC members.

NEW ICB MEMBERS - click here

Satoru Yokoyama

Akira Nachigami

Ami Nachigami

Felix Krief

Hiroyuki Tsuruta

Grace Tann

Mayumi Muraishi

Keiko Kim

Lloyd Godson

Lydie Rose Lepawa

Maki Nakayama

Miyako Tsukabayashi

Emi Arai

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