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World Broadcasting Message:

Week 20 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

May 9, to May 15, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
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This week in review:
Meeting Starfish’s Nyima Sarr and her 2 beautiful sisters.
Meeting with Philip Abel Bensouda and Family.

Meeting “STARFISH” and the future of Education in the Gambia

Starfish Message:

Our mission is to uplift Gambian girls by providing them with a world-class education that is focused on service to humanity while at the same time providing international service-learning opportunities for our volunteers.

Our vision is to establish a state of the art Academy of Excellence that will provide the Gambian girl-child an exceptional education from pre-school to graduate school. Every participant in this endeavor, including administrators, teachers, volunteers, and students, will be motivated by the end goal of service to humanity and challenged to find effective ways of infusing service to others into their daily work. Read More…

Nyima Sarr (in Pink) is also a member of the Marine Foundationclick here
Mam-Yassin Sarr (Founder) on the left – Fatoumata Jaiteh right.

2nd Week in the Gambia

Meeting Philip Abel Bensouda and Family

Villa Marcelle

Welcomed into the ancestral Bensouda home, what an honor, with the great hospitality and excellent cooking of Rose Bensouda. I particularly love this large room Moroccan style and truly, this is exactly what I would see in my future home in The Gambia. What a beautiful place. (Philip is a Master Architect) Founder & Managing Director of P.A.B Designs
P.A.B Designs & Technology Co. Ltd.


Philip Abel is the first son of the famous couple Mrs. Fatou and Philip Bensouda. Fatou is the legendary Gambian lawyer and international criminal law prosecutor at the ICC in La Hague. Amie Bensouda (Sister) is the founder of the major Law firm  Amie Bensouda & Co found throughout Africa.

On the occasion of a potential purchase of the Coco Ocean Resort & Spa, meeting the Owner, Philip’s Uncle Mr. Driss Bensouda.

The motivation to purchase Coco Ocean came through an assemble of facts that would guide me to start the research and even involve the parties concerned. I had the honor and chance to meet Mr. Driss Bensouda, a wonderful and kind gentleman, and frankly, I did enjoy conversing about the beautiful property of Coco Ocean. Honestly, I do love this place, and as I see the many potentials to hold our first Marine Embassy Resort and hub there. The hotel is much different than any structure I have seen before in that category of establishments. The landscape is truly amazing, and I must say it was excellently designed and conceived. The original owners and management must have given the best to the business until a few years back when they decided to depart for Europe. Since then, the place might not have given its best looks and services. A place like that is not easy to maintain. I really appreciated the meeting with Mr. Driss.

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