Week from May 24 to May 30

Lots of work and noticeably the preparation for the Blue Forest project. I had to communicate with lots of people and through the project, we are meeting quite important influential individuals. The project is taking great velocity and will surely have a great impact on the promotional needs of the foundation. This report mainly pertain to last week, as for this week already dozens of events have already happened. Just to tell you, I have to manage some 20 to 30 communications a day and it gets me better and better with explaining the content and systems of the platform. Also it makes me realize that no one can be taken for granted as there is always space for unlimited inspiration to build systems to help make a better world. In some ways, and without knowing, everyone is participating. Thank you all for the constant inspiration!

Welcoming Princess Sanyogita of India

Discovering India and through a Princess makes it even more exciting. So much to be done in every industry of development and everywhere in the world. Princess Sanyogita joins us in the central team for governments and royalty relations. It is very fortunate to have Her Highness around and we look forward to lots of good things together.

Princess Sanyogita’s Official Marine Foundation Page
Welcoming Blog Page Princess Sanyogita

Ministry of Education

Marine Foundation has 5 ministries – the Ministry of Education being by far the most important since it countains the core project developments of the Marine Foundation.

Ministry of Education

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend and I do have the report almost ready for this week. For one think I will initiate a Global Weekly Zoom meeting for anyone who wish to follow closely all that we are doing in the moment.

To receive the weekly reports on your Whatsapp application on your Android or IOS portable phone, please send a Whatsapp message at +81 90 4944 5599 / or +41 78 224 82 44. Thank you for following us.



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