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January 10, to January 16, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports

This week in review:
Welcoming the new IBC members
IBC Benefits
The Progress of the Trinity Group
Establishing in Moscow

World Broadcasting Message:

Week 3 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

Miracle week: the week was filled with events of inspiration and outstanding achievements on all sides of the world as far as the Marine Foundation and partners’ concerns. The key to a successful day is in the report made in the heart just before closing our eyes to the infinite night of our dreams. This can be said or applied to a successful life as well. If there are no reports, there are no offerings. The realization that “everything happens for a reason” could help map out the road to each our dreams and aspirations. Nothing can be taken for granted, especially if considering your work a passion or a mission to better our world. Detailed daily reports

IBC Membership Special Benefit

IBC is the International Committee of the Brand of the Marine Foundation. We changed the accronym from ICB to IBC. “Brand Co-Ownership will Initiate the Transcendent Lineage of the Marine Foundation, allowing the Establishment and Constitution of the Corporate Kingdom of the world.” Find out all the details of your position as a IBC (International Brand Committee Member).

The Bank in Russia & The Trinity Group

Led by the communication of Elizabeta Djumanova, the Trinity Group is coming to a settlement with establishing DWB in Moscow, Russia. I have seen the look of some fantastic buildings proposed to be the headquarters of the bank. The Russian architecture of late 1800 is truly equally majestuous as the French portrayed by Paris’s city landscape. The more one gets to know Russia; the more attracted one becomes to its culture. I imaginably view Mr. Vladinir Putin as the return of the Tsar of Russia (Title given to monarchs from the 10th century, resembling the title of “Emperor” or “King”). In today’s modern age, nations that have retained their traditional monarch titles pause no threat to anyone, and the 28 Kingdoms registered onto the Marine Foundation web page are tenants of peace. Kingdom page. I feel that Russia is going towards peace, restoration, and the world’s well-being because its leadership is presently maintained through good moral governance. If the North Korean Leader were proclaimed a “King” for his nation, it would end all problems, and he would have no choice but to follow the peaceful ways of the present Kingdoms through diplomatic and brotherly association with all of them. The international community would fully protect him. North Korea would then have a shot to become a world economic power using Japan, South Korea, the USA, and Russia as trade partners. Therefore, by establishing the MARINEF-DWB platform in Moscow, Russia’s Federation is about to become a real strategic benefactor to the entire African continent. All Russia was waiting for is a platform that could regulate its investment abroad with the proper rigid moral representation, undoubtedly realized by the Trinity Group via Marine Foundation’s impeccable development strategies and DWB’s iron financial platform. The Future is bright.

Official Letter from the Russian Government to the Trinity Group

This is a screenshot of the letterhead of the official letter that came this week from Mr. Putin’s Russian Federation to the DWB Moscow establishment.

Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

January 2021

Sunday 10, 2021
The day starts at 3 am.
Letter to companies from Paul Yapoga
Meeting conference with South Korea
Welcoming Safiatou Traore from Mali
Establishing the First Ladies’ Zoom conference with Mrs. Tessy of the First Lady’s club Diplomatic Department
Social media announcing and replying
Meeting Shingo Nakamura and Chikara Matsunaga at the Palace Hotel of Tokyo at 1 pm – New Technology and partnership with DWB Japan. Nobuko ICB members also present and planning set up strategies with Chikara.

Monday 11, January 2021

The day starts at 1:30 Am.
Welcoming Willian Danshin from British Columbia into ICB
Welcoming DWB Japan Emma from Japan into ICB
Welcoming Awa Kone to ICB
New software Screen Recorder installation
Setting up the secondary menu system for the DWB website.
New bank information on DWB website
Meeting with Emma – Development Japan Investor’s group 5 hours meeting. (Decision on the formation of the Investors Club of Japan ICJ that will relay with AIIDA – the Arabian Islamic Initiatives for the Development of Africa)

Tuesday 12, January 2021
The day starts at 1:54 Am.
New Appointment Letter to Terry
Discussion with George Sankara of Cote D’Ivoire 5 G. Development Association of the Marine Foundation throughout Africa.
Welcoming Mr. George Sankara into the ICB group through President Koura.
Mrs. Yoko, President of IWC, establishes the Yearly Meeting Schedule.
Reception of the new DWB Bank addresses and buildings in Moscow.

Wednesday 13, January 2021
The day starts at 1:30 Am
Design page for Lady Awa Kone – First Ladies Club Diplomatic Department
(The First Ladies Club is an Agency of the Marine Foundation https://marinef.org/ladies/ )
Communication document and addresses to Director of communication Andy.
Discussion on Japan Relation with Major Project with Outside Japan Parties.
President IWC Yoko is going to Okinawa visiting Yoshie, also an IBC member. She has prepared the entire meeting schedule for 2021 and completed the report for the year 2020.
Meeting Discussion regarding Chikara san – Patent Owner joining DWB Japan. Security technology. Welcoming Chikara-san as IBC member.
Paul Yapoga (African Development) send land information 400 Hectares to construct 30 000 houses and the market of Agriculture. Presence of Mrs. Koura, President of Marine Foundation Africa.

Thursday 14, January 2021
The day starts at 2:30 Am
Reply Calling Olympic Tokyo Top Security Mr. Koizuka
Reply Calling from Reverent Sudo of Japan Organization for Peace.
Organization for the reception of donation funds to Japan.
Official Letter to the President of Guinea Conakry (Invitation by the President of the Guinee Conakry) Reports from Paul Yapoga on his page. (new “Developments” blog category.
Meeting Harvey Thomson Celebrity Jazz Singer IBC Membership – New song for Corona Virus. Meeting at 1 Pm at the Foreign Correspondent Club of Tokyo. Welcoming Harvey as an IBC member.
Naoko Kubo IBC member’s introduction of Friend Investor at 2:30 Pm at the club. Discussion on the settlement of a Marine welcoming center on the bay of Tokyo in the view of upcoming donation investment.
Discussion with Chairman Brain S. Mason on establishing the International President of MARINEF-DWB Club House of Switzerland (Name to be revealed later). Resolution of the system with Anne Claire Berg, President of Marine Foundation Switzerland, and Nicolas Ceriani as Hospitality Chief. Anne Claire will be leading the management and maintenance of the Club House with Chef Nicolas.

Friday 15, January 2021
The day starts at 1:30 Am.
Conversation with DeeDee IBC and First Ladies Club for the first Zoom First Ladies conference. 15 language son and your daughter 7 languages the Marine Foundation plans association African Union Special affair department – UN and others. Report of the conference of the (date of December) given to some of the existing International agencies for the Focusing on Youth Economic Empowerment will bring sustainable peace.
Discussion with Amsatou Sidibe on the future of Senegal and Women Empowerment. The Birth of the International Women Club of Senegal with Amsatou Sidibe as president. Initiative for the distribution of electronic equipment to the local youth.
Charity contact with the Ministry of Finance of Spain when one donor wants to leg his part of his wealth to the Marine Foundation’s platform.
A conference call with Chairman of the Washington Times and friend Yuji – topic: the Marine Foundation’s deployment worldwide and the media’s role.
Trip to Osaka for the Promotion planning of the birth of the World Peace Orchestra WPO (President Sachi Kobayashi)
Meeting the Avenger Team (Japanese Corporation with multiple Brand Businesses) through Nobuko Kotoyori, member of ICB. Special gifts to the Marine Foundation and services from Chiharu, Risa, Yuka, etc. 

Saturday 16, 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Meeting with Sachi Kobayashi on the topic of everything that concerns entertainment.
Constitution of WPO in Japan because of the event organization system that would start this 2021.
Meeting with the Avenger Group Mr. Nagata and his team of 12 people. (Fantastic Team) – Discussion on Brand related projects for Japan.
Meeting with Nobuko – discussion on the structure of the Japan organization.
Consulted records and news from our accounting adviser for the set up of DWB Japan. Structure completed.
Departure back to Tokyo.
Set up preparation for the next week.

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Safiatou Traore

Awa Kone

Harvey Thompson

Kuldip Chahal

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The group is organized in 5 section defined as East South Center North and West.

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I bring WP Rocket to the DWB website.
I improve the chat plugin functionality for better use.
I downlaod special video screen recorder software to be able to make tutorial videos of the Website.

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