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January 17, to January 23, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports

This week in review:

Welcoming the new IBC members
New office in Paris
Conversation with Russia
Fund initiatives Start of Operations

World Broadcasting Message:

Week 4 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

This week’s lots of good surprises as we advance into the next month and complete the 4th week of the year 2021. 

Conversation with Russian Delegates:

A great event happening this week through the monitoring of Elizabeta Djumanova of the Economic Development Ministry and DWB Director. Please go the blog below by clicking on the link.

Trinity Group and the Russian Federation

The Trinity Group represents the financial leadership of the DWB Development World Bank and the Marine Foundation. Also, each structure works independently of its systems like each part of our body; it synergies together to provide a sustainable full-fledged state-of-the-art platform to impact every corner of the world. While the development sector is defined by the Marine Foundation’s design concepts, portraying the absolute standards of respect for life and the environment, the Trinity Group dedicates to the fundamental rules of transparency throughout its projects’ financing. The Federation of Russia has picked this innovative tool as a peace concept to better international trade and support Africa’s sustainable growth. Africa depicts the Motherland of the world, and Russia might become its first child of filial piety, one that knows how to respect its biological ancestors to the thought of unconditional giving. Read more…

Fund initiatives and the start of operation:

Who says it is not possible to change the world? The world is a house with a bit of disorder at this time, and if you think you cannot improve yourself or your local environment, of course, trying to change the societies in which we live is out of the question. If we could have the attitude to shine a bit of awareness within us and think outside the box, education would make its way through the many signs life is giving us to fulfill the day and live life to the fullest. The easy way is to pretend to care and sing about it, which is not entirely wrong. That’s how I picture politicians these days, with a guitar and flower in their hair and singing away their geopolitics, which is not in the concerns of those who do crave solutions while suffering the consequences of “special interest” type of strategies. At the Marine Foundation, we take things a bit more seriously, so we head for our operations’ full financial control. The start of operations starts with a funding platform. The process of operation has just begun. The memory of 17 years of setting up is but as sweet as a feeling of inner joy that comes lingering on your thoughts long after that challenging marathon run an athlete triumphantly completes. Therefore, it is good to consider that anything is good to go as the wildest dream you might have, as long as you take one day at a time and make sure you claim its beauty for yourself.

Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Sunday, 17 January 2021

The Day start at 5: Am.
Completed the weekly reports
Message from Chairman Brian: Address in Champs Elyse in France.
Correction of the IBC – Brand document.
Proposal from Cordelia Zimbabwe – Community Development with Mining operation.
Cordelia’s Email at DWB. Communicated Chiaki to Cordelia for the amazing skin care product. African Market.
Introducing the IWC to Cordelia Zimbabwe – Africa.
Preparing the pages outline for the new registered members.
Preparing for Zoom meeting of the Trinity Group.

Monday 18, January 2021

The day start at 3:50 Am.
Communication with Simon Else through IBC member Maria Sanchez. Maria is the representation of Real Estate throughout our platform and Simon Else the creator and founder of top High Net worth individual Club.
Preparation meeting the YAHOO and SOFTBANK contact this evening.
Communication with Freddy Wenako Africa / Special information.
Communication with Jean Rodney for the children of Haiti – Introduction to World Football Youth Association to Jean Rodney and communication with Emmanuel for that.
Communication with Yoko of IWC – Going to Shibamata – Corporate Promotion.
Communication with Naoko – New Sponsors & Donors for the Marine Foundation.
Welcoming IBC member Edith – Event President <br>Letter of presentation to Chairman Mason for Edith.
Welcoming IBC Member Emma – Japan + DWB PR member director.
Welcoming IBC Member Frahira cone – Senegal.
IWC Website tentative Using Duda Technology .
Purchased new domains for IWC Women Club:
– iwomenclub.com / official main website – iwomenclub.org / for charity – iwomenclub.net / for online store.
Zoom Meeting with Maya the May social queen of social media.
Rokhaya discussion with the First Lady of Malawi – Meeting with the first Lady. She spoke with a millionaire – Proposal of Microfinance for Women.

Tuesday 19, January 2021

The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Conversatin with Brian – the Zoom interview with Trinity and Italian Journalists went very well.
Communication with Maya the Queen of communications.
Welcoming Freddy M. Wenakio IBC membership.
Welcoming Georges Sankara IBC membership
Communication with Frahira Cone, Friend of President Alpha Conde Guinea Conakry.
Madame Balde becomes President of Marine Foundation Guinea Conakry.
Communication with Paul Yapoga – Office France MARINEF-DWB at the Champs Elyse. (Marine Foundation Japan Support).
Communication with Mr. Sato – Consulting for the his Son’s Company in Shibuya Tokyo.
Made the email for Paul – DWB email information.
Golf Course contact in Georgia USA. Schedule the Delegation’s trip.

Wednesday 20, January 2021

The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Welcoming Joel as IBC member.
Discussion with Moe in the United States of America.
Announcement Koura president of Marine Foundation Africa because president with the chamber of commerce.
Teaching Marketing to the Walkcar team of Japan – 3 hours presence in Shibuya.
Communication with the Trinity Group.
Establishing the address in Champs Elysees Paris. Blog of the address in Paris France
Contacted Laurence of Madagascar for Paul’s operations in the country.
Zoom Conference with the Legal Office of President Vladimir Putin.

Thursday 21, January 2021

The day starts at 2:00 Am.
Letter from Mr. Kamal to reply.
Complete Freedy’s page.
Welcoming Moe from the United States .
Communication with Andy concerning William’s planning a Zoom Conference.
Cordelia Bank Appointment and Page refresh (First Ladies Club).
Blog Report on the Nomination of Koura as par of the High patronage of traders and economic operators of Cote d ‘Ivoire.
Communication with Yoko concerning the set up of IWC. Certificate letter for Donation investment.
Updating the footer of DWB and the links of Adresses around the world.
Conversation with Tomoko Miura the Water Queen!
Message from Aminata Kebe: Today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century !!! As she says “Wishing all my Golden friends happiness and good health”.

Friday 22, January 2021

The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Discussion with Edith our new Chief PR and Communications worldwide.
Communication with Laurence Madagascar concerning Paul.
Communication message to Mr. Kamal.
Blog report of the Zoom conference of the Legal Office of President Putin.
Welcoming Tomoko Miura into IBC membership.
Conversation with Haingo Rasolofonjoa and Olivier Rakotoniaina of Madagascar. Executive order from Mr. Mason for the set up of our Server and Data Center in Madagascar Africa. The IT center will provide for the entire African continent and beyond.
Completed the footer of DWB.

Saturday 23, January 2021

The day starts at 4:00 Am.
Welcoming Hango as IBC member and Director of IT platform.
Discussion with Taib of Morocco – positioning in the Kingdom of Morocco
Discussion with Joe Lawyer of Madrid for donation arrangement.
Discussion with Paul Yapoga et Presidente Madame Balde Guinea Conakry.
Madame Ambassadrice Cote d’Ivoire au Japon avec Presidente Marinef Koura.
Watch a report about India social and rural environment – very revealing.
Complete the blog report about our communication with Russia.
Complete the Weekly report.


NEW ICB MEMBERS - click here

Emma Hataar

Harvey Thompson (Famous Jazz Singer)

Frahira Coné (Diplomat)

Edith Betkowski (Event Organization Leader)

Freddy Mongo Wenakio (Great artist)

Mohamed Abourched (Entrepreneur)

Abdoula Taib (Entrepreneur)

You may also see the listing of all members on the Brand Leadership page.

The group is organized into 5 sections defined as East South Center North and West.

WEBSITE UPDATES - click here

To quicky find out about the structure of the entire organization you may to sitemap page.
You may click on words or images to see pop up windows of the contents.

Pretty much the same program as last week below. Imporved the footer of the DWB website.

I am trying to find new ways to make the platforms more secure and easier to navigate.
I improved the site with the additonal plugins of DIVI and caching plugin of WP Rocket.
The Chat plugin will be soon impporved to working in communication with anyone’s live questions on whichever pages they look at. I amended some of The content on the chairman’s page. I will also be updating a “support” page wiht video tutorials on the systems of the foundation.

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