Thursday, January 17, 2019


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Presentation to Junko Tado, new Brand Owner member of the Marine Foundation’s headquarter Japan. Meeting with Takuya Hasegawa and Yoko Akahane who introduced Junko to the Marine Foundation. A beautiful day at “Oneness Food Cafe”.


On Sunday the 13th of this month, I have the great opportunity to meet with Junko and Saori at “Oneness Cafe”, a concept well engineered to bring happiness to the neighborhood and certainly beyond. Today I spent time returning there, sharing more about the deeper lines of the Marine Foundation’s philosophy and philanthropy. It was a wonderful and meaningful time for me. Sometimes as I explain the system I am also learning through the inquisitive spirit of anyone asking, and the inspiration keeps flowing like rivers to the ocean. It never fells. Its interesting that when you have decided to live your life in the priority of others, the abundance of ideas that could to you can be staggeringly huge. It is almost like a never ending story and the universe we live is a perfect example of that. How long would it take to describe the abundance that surrounds us if we were to write just one book about it? It would be like building the “Notre Dame” Cathedral in Paris France, a sure 2o to 3 centuries of writings and assembling to brinks that makes it altogether a marvelous structure. Today I was inspired with giving this information to Junko and Saori, while Yoko patiently commenting and explaining. The day felt good. Giving is always good.

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