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The Legends’ games coming up. The agenda for the meeting is up. On Friday and Saturday of this week, Henri Gueydan, the supreme Marine Foundation’s chief architect is in Tokyo to meet us regarding the 5 stadiums in Liberia. Exciting times. 

General Reports:

Meeting with CCC – Mika Yusa, a Revelation.  

Takuya Hasegawa, whom we met through Yoko Akahane, was our first co-owner member in Nagoya and you might already have gone through both webpage I suppose. Takuya was in Tokyo and few days and on his hours of departure, we were able o meet his great friend, Ms. Mikako Yusa, founder of CCC – Co-Creation Creators. Only the name will tell that something special is going on here. And indeed, what a good time it was to meet Mika and her team. To understand what’s going on here, you would have to go to CCC’s website and start flirting with the content. Nevertheless, a just 3 minutes introduction had me convince I was tapping into the future. It is rare, living in a city like Tokyo, where most people busy about being busy, to find an actual concept that makes sense when we talk about helping a appease the stress than runs like a wild river in the heart and mind of most of us while trying to satisfy our daily craving needs for peace of mind and control of our path. My understanding of what CCC produces goes right along the Marine Foundation search for content that can support the masses with proactive, realistic and concrete systems that potentially can turn societies less worry about what’s lacking in our life when in actuality we were already given everything needed to make us succeed every single day forward. 

Well, come to think of it, however successful an organization might seem to be, it is always a final matter of who really do live for the sake of their staff or their society. Are we just here to make money and support our life the best way we can? or can it be that if you are any type of leader, you do have a serious responsibility to others like it or not? In my opinion, Japan is a good example of a nation with beautiful, sincere people who live incarcerated with the imaginary thoughts that the only way to make it to stardom resolve in what society thinks of them, in the social rules implicated by the way they treat each other in public. Well, that time has ended. Comes a new wave of thinkers that have come to the depth of what it means to actually pursue one’s dream without the encumbrance of egomaniac competition that tells you that only the luckier, stronger or wealthier succeed in the grasp of living a fulfilling life. I think Mika has it all there, and I am going to make myself a pleasure to support her in every way that I can.

Personal Expansion and Discovery (part 3)

The great respect that everybody needs to feel, where does that come from. If you noticed, I see most conflicts start because someone went out of their way to discredit, defame, undermine or dishonor someone or something. It happens all the time and here lies the inception of feuds, disputes, and quarrels. I have done it so many time myself. You can argue all you want with someone but if you want to really stir a fight, all you have to do is tell them to go dance with themselves. A lack in the understanding of respect has turned people into masters and servants or slaves, turning societies into an imaginary world where the ego becomes a status, making everyone under the bar of one’s expectations an inferior being. Now religions speak about “love” but where is that “love” if a leader thinks he is the holder of the ultimate truth and disapproves others from thinking different or just being plain ignorant. In actuality, real ignorance lies in the interaction of those who treat others with a sense of preponderance or dominance. Even the slightest of the thought of being a superior being can, in an instant, turn the greatest of academics into the stupidest of being. To me “respect and the kind thoughts of others” is the virtue of the true masters of life on earth. Have you met such people? (to be continued)

Message from Yoshie:

11月1日から5日まで表参道ヒルズ Gallery KOWAで開催されている合同展に、Marine Foundation(マリン財団)の代表Tomeo M-Gressardさんにご来場いただきました。


このような機会を頂きましたことに、心より感謝申し上げると共に、今後、打ち合わせを重ねて、日本の素晴らしい素材とデザインで、作品ができるように努めて参ります。Yoshie’s full blog here

Upcoming Follow Up & Momentum:

Invest Africa Tour is on again with the upcoming trip to Sierra Leone. I have not yet prepared entirely our Press release page but it’s on the way. Ambassador Banao and Malamine Faty are relentlessly working to preparing the Marinef Corporation settlement in Africa through the registration in Senegal.

The new Corporation website is soon coming and will have its form and basic content tomorrow. (was supposed to be ready today but had no time)

France members, Eric & Philippe have prepared the roadmap for an official reception in Southern France. Will also be advised, Beatrice, Philippe V., Vanina, and Nicole.

Switzerland: I need to provide a capital for the foundation’s operation in Switzerland (Credit Suisse) with 50 000 CHF (about 50 000 Euros or a bit over 5 million Yen). I welcome any support, although I will provide for that somehow. Our team there is working hard to make ways for great upcoming funding. 

Marine Foundation Cote D’Ivoire, Mrs. Koura N. Ouatarra, personally invited to a special summit in Morrocco in November of this month.

Completed Blog Segments 2018:

Segment: True Love Seminar - Content of Basic Thoughts

Ms. Yoko Akahane and Mr. Takuya Hasegawa both brand ownership members of the Marine Foundation are organizing a fantastic people for a Seminar on the topic of “love” saying “true love”, on the topic of how does Marine Foundation explains its philanthropy that base its philosophy on the attitude of total respect for one another. Lots of people are looking for answers to problems with relations and communications, which often are the reason why life simply seems unfair at times of difficulties. “Love” is often a topic of spirituality and does not often enter the realm of strategic development within a corporate body. But what if we did know that there could be internal laws and technologies, that would actually help change a life from on simple instant of realization. Its because corruption exists that the word “true” needs to be added to “love” or maybe because of the ignorance of the purpose of life that leads us to believe that Love is mainly a sexual act which makes people attracted to each other. But if we would consider nature as an ultimate teacher of what’s true in the original form of what is, then perhaps we would have a chance to discover the most inner secret of what love truly is. 

I have always dreamed of going to places around Japan and just talk to people. Since my Japanese language skills are limited to trying to express my thoughts, I would surely need a good interpreter. Japanese people are so fine by me. Talking about love would almost be considered “taboo” in a society that lives on the “Philharmonic Concert Hall of Rigid Rules of Attitudes” where everything has to be programmed by the way things are thought by cultural habits and therefore staging almost no space to show your worth would you just try to play your scores differently. Love and relationships are often publicly taken in the context of religious beliefs and Buddhism would not really have you jumping up and down the alley, in the ways a good old revival chorus of the local gospel church would have you twist your body around to celebrate your heart. But even in Christianity, “Love” as beautiful attributed from the “Lord” have you understand that this concept often stays just within the assembly’s walls when as soon as stepping out of the circle of light, you start counting how many people you wish to hate the week ahead and that probably includes your boss or the colleague who does his work exceeding everyone else. Love express privately often relays to temporary romance or a sexual experience, and when you have a family, it expands in becoming responsible for somebody else. Women would have the advantage to remain loyal to their inner motherly duties while a man would keep pondering ways to get more pleasure out of an unsatisfying busy life. 

So I took the books and society away and I gave in to contemplating nature for a change. And so, I started learning about “respect”. Surely, gradually and more profoundly I came to some realizations which no books had ever thought me before. I discovered that nature was in a constant state of celebration, from early morning to late at night, the planet is celebrating “life”. On that subtle discovery, my mind became entertained 24 hours a day, by something, I never felt existed before, but was there all around me in substance, although invisible to the eyes or untouchable to the body. Just like the unnoticeable air that we need it so much, love is for the spirit as substantial as water is for the body. And if we could just pay a little more attention to the evolution pattern that life unveils each day through the motion of nature, entertainment would take a whole new dimension in keeping you at the edge of your seat, if we could just teach science or philosophy from the standpoint that at the source of all natural energies, this “love” exists to makes particles and cells act the way they unconditionally do. The way that “love” manifests itself in science or religion relates to the fact that it is an indispensable tool to connect anything and everything to living a purposeful life on earth. 

it’s amazing to say, but it is through nature that I have discovered the existence of someone higher, a creator may be, but there indeed and probably a GOD resembling more like real of a person just like you and me but in the difference of the magnitude “He/She” would represent in relation to the birth of creation and then the history of humanity. I found out that the whole truth lies within each and everyone’s heart to discover, not just by reading books of knowledge, but also through physical and mathematical observation of the world we live in. Marine Foundation is a social platform that welcomes every culture, every religion, every race, every color, and everybody. I take it that water is enemy to no one as from water, we all came from, and each our mother is the proof of that. I felt that if we kept ignoring or denying the origins of our birth, we would probably keep on missing out on the understanding of the value of our lives, where respect for one another should be thought the first rule incentive in communication before learning anything else.

It is through that biological resemblance that we could hope to think that we were all born under the same sun and moon. And just like every single atom in nature fulfill its role in perfect respect of its purpose, we would also become embodied into the purpose of what real life is meant to be, when love appears as simple and true as a friend who says “hello” or a leaf that fell sitting on the balcony, forever wondering if it would ever be noticed. True Love is as simple and beautiful as a handshake in slow motion. So if nature is sensible to Love, it might mean that nature is the real teacher of coexistence. No human being can argue with the wind of the rain and much less with a wild animal who looks for food. Since human being argues with each other based on thoughts, we should look into places on non-arguments based on nature’s fact to determine the value of our life. True love is probably hidden in places where arguments do not exist, and so the mother’s womb would be the ultimate and perfect place to start. We all came from it, without a doubt.

True Love overcomes time: 

Time resembles eternity, that’s why it goes round and round. When you have not seen someone you love, for a long time, and when you see that person again, it feels as if it was yesterday. Sometimes, when you are having a wonderful moment, it looks as if time had just stopped and 5 hours would feel like 5 minutes. It is because each moment when love takes over, eternity unveils and time disappears.  Therefore love overcomes time, it is that simple. To my understanding then, the only way to make time a worthy friend is to live a passion. Education should focus on passion. And the most interesting thing about time is that you can also help it spray its wings so that one day, feels like a thousand years. It can go both ways, in good and bad times. But really, take the misery out of this planet, and people would transit to the next world as a train would through a bridge. Nothing changes except the geography may be. And at the center of all your expectation, those you have ever loved will reappear as if you have never left them, even a second. So today please do take note of everything and anything that feels good to your heart, because that’s how eternity is created and I don’t think a day at the office, will be enough to satisfy that much… Unless of course, passion instills…

The Physics of Education and Celebration at Marine Foundation

The system of the Marine Foundation’s organizing principle is impregnated with 2 motivators. Education and Celebration. Education and celebration might not ring well as conventional social and corporate habits, but what else in the world would otherwise be more enjoyable than learning something new and spending valuable time with friends. Our mind works through constant questioning. We are being educated every single day of our life. Our mind craves for information and every time we learn something, a joyful energy comes out. This is love. Anyone who educates other creates love, love creates energy and the resulting phenomena produce results that call for celebration. How simple life really is, as designed 100% in its pure form to satisfy abundantly through the simple natural acts of learning and celebrating. The rest is just a distraction to me.

How would we create passion within a corporate environment? Again, Education and Celebration might then come to mind. For example, a leadership group might try to mesmerize their staff all the time with new information and create ways to celebrate every employee to each person feeling an equalization of status based on family relations. This would perfectly transform an atmosphere. These 2 life’s natural motivating incentives of learning and celebrating – will fusion the heart with passion where “routine work” itself would become secondary to the true purpose of one’s precious day. A trained manager may consider this a distraction away from focus, but with that kind of energy circulating around the office, time can finally stop and the desire to exceed becomes more exciting than the exit doors of Friday nights. When a family structured atmosphere is created out of the most rigid of corporate environments, relationships of the kind creates an energy that takes over the fear of competition and finally, everyone moves into an unbreakable chain of command where each person’s own conscience becomes his/her own true boss. How liberating.

I have tested this out in my own life. I once was working for a Japanese company where I was one of their only foreign full-time employees. I decided to test the environment to the point where I would be fearlessly breaking the rules of that corporate dictatorship of fearful moments each time the big boss walked into the floor. My strategy was first to become perfect at my tasks and after a couple of months, I heard the president said: “I wish all employees were like him”. It did make me smile, thinking to myself, “You’ve seen nothing yet!”. Then, I started to voluntarily break every office rule there was while keeping my job to perfection. I teared up my “time punch card” every time I got a new one, watch videos all day, hugged the lady boss to greet her in the morning, etc… to the point managers thought I might have a mental problem. However noticing that my co-workers were silently laughing their head off, hiding their faces happy faces behind their computers. It was like “Tomeo’s great office distraction” was on every day and it excited my colleagues while managers had me face the firing wall time and time over again.

Since my work was still irreproachable, they had to accept me or face the risk of losing me. My attitude was starting to trail and impregnated on a few others, specifically those whose confidence in their work and position was unbroken, they also started to unchain from what others thought of them, and putting aside their stress, they followed me in some crazy silly strips of waves of laughter and moments of courageous office adventures. We had fun, we brought results and there was nothing no one could do about it, except join the club or be left out. But the kick of the story came revealing when to push the experiment further, I went to the big boss and against anything she would say to try changing my mind, I decided to fire myself. That day, it was like if the floor was covered in clouds of rain, and my colleagues, men or women, I noticed, had they eyes watered in lights of sadness. That very night and just before the day’s work completion, I told everyone that “I was just kidding” and here again, we all went for drinks after hours, mocking the astonished blurry eyes and confused faces of managers when they thought I was leaving the company. Since then I would walk in every day at work and jokingly shout “I quit” at the managers’ faces to soon have others therapeutically do the same and every single morning it was touches of laughter to hear these words out of timid Japanese salarymen as if they were in control of their destiny for the day. It was like a celebration in the air at the thought of still being together at the end of troubles, like living life to the fullest… at the office.

It was refreshing to see how simple life can transform if the spirit leans on letting the conscience lead the way for a change, rather than that ever-present heart ego uncomfortable blockade that stops us from living life in the fullest on a daily basis. If we were to listen to our conscience carefully, in real time, we would automatically stop procrastination and reform such question habits of “What the heck am I doing here?” to reasonably asking oneself: “What am I gonna do to get me out of here” or if the job pleases: “What am I going to do to have fun today”. The funny thing about “fun” is that no one has fun unless “results” come about. Education and Celebration might as well be the sources, the fulfillment and the fluorescence of all that’s good in results, whether at work or at play and anything else in between, these 2 poles attract to where we should center, every single day of our life.

Bring your youngsters information and laughter, and you will produce magic out of them. Senior leaders talk about immaturity in young people, but an inspired young mind is never too immature to perform miracles. Test it out. The largest companies in the world today were started with young people barely graduated from college. Virgin Airlines, Microsoft, Apple, Google etc… Of course, at the advantage over the past reformers, we do live in a world of high technology and the comfort of fast communications. The expansion of a thought, service or product depends much on communicative skills. We wake up with all kind of expectations but we usually are simply happy about our day if we’ve learned something new or spent time in healthy communication with others. The standard frame for conventional corporate celebration is usually based on volume or status. But in that spectrum of temporary reality, the “ego” always gets a chunk of people’s moral wisdom until it has them running like peacocks, begging for attention and praise. The achievement of a good day must prove a result I suppose because there is no freedom without result. To generate the “willpower” that it takes to bring good results, an educated mind must center around a grateful heart, and that happens only when a purpose has been learned and celebrated.

It is true that some people are able to achieve some amazing results with their personal motivation and determination to succeed with their passion or their business. It’s interesting to think about it, but what do actually successful people do to help change people’s lives, especially those who suffer. And if they do try, what is the extent of their impact on societies in which they live in or the worlds far away they try to support. For example, many use Africa and poor people as a target to feed their heart with a goodwill spirit, which of course, is well intended and would probably help make someone somehow. It seems that the more you celebrate the more you learn and the more you learn, the more the more the chances to be instructed to a path of goodness. Unfortunately, those who succeed become too preoccupied with success than the struggle of taking responsibility to a worldly cause. Since we all have a good heart at the base, we do naturally want to fix things. But really if there were things to fix in this life, it would have to start with me.

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Brand Ownership:

The “Brand-Ownership” position is very unique to our system.  Japan will accept only 36 brand co-owners. (Asia a total of 72) – Therefore the 5 continents will have each, 72 co-owners of the Brand of the Marine Foundation, making it a total of 360 members. Japan is the birthplace of the foundation, and so we would have more members here. We have 10 members fully registered while many on “reservation”.