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Introducing Shigeo into our brand membership. This is wonderful and Shigeo is one of the most revealing members in Japan and I will tell you why. 


Shigeo is an Gold Medalist at the Para-Olympics and he has been a friend for a while through the introduction of Yoko Akahane. Shigeo is unique to the fact that he is visually impaired and thus has had an amazing life demonstrating his skills in the realm of high senses.

Today Shigeo has decided to become a member of the Marine Foundation and that is a celebration. Shigeo has enormous potential with the composition of programs that will make good for humanities. I do not think that handicap people are actually handicap. People who do not see with their eyes, can see with their touch, ear and smell. They also connect to the internal world with so much more sincerity and faith. They see with the eyes of the soul and I am sure that this is so much more revealing in so many ways that the view we have of our house’s windows. A garden of flowers has never been as beautiful as the thought of imagining the colors flowers reflect through the purpose of their creation. It is therefore in the purpose of life that we discover beauty. The purpose of our action will define how beautiful our life will become when we lose theses same physical senses at time of departure from the world.

If Shigeo wants to be a member of the Marine Foundation, it must mean that he has the vision of a great purpose. That vision will become fruition when programs are designed and executed within the circle of a team of supporters. Team work is the key to building concepts that means good to others. I think and I am sure the Marine Foundation will represent the perfect platform for Shigeo to exceed in all his aspirations to leave a mark of legacy in the planet in which he was born to. How beautiful is that! Born into a world made of colors and light but yet not being able to see that with his eyes. However, I think that the reflection of envy for others does not even flirt his pure soul. He might even feel pity for those who see as his experience of life on earth is so much more valuable to him than anyone would know. Shigeo, in one day of contemplation, reaches in wisdom the status a Buddhist monk would want to reach through 10 years of steady mediation. So every blind person would never be able to express their true mind in writing or words but they will see things as vivid as anyone could with their eyes just by the movement of their thoughts.

Shigeo is therefore chosen because he has a mission for the world to achieve through our platform. “Spotlite” the name of the Agency he has created will innovate in things the world had never thought possible in the realm of the development of our five senses. Today is a day of celebration and yes I am personally so encouraged by the prospect of that sector of development.

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The Abundance of YOU

The amazing work of history and the providence by which humanity has grown since the prehistoric ages leave me hopeful and sometimes I can’t help but think that something went wrong right at the beginning of man’s apparition as a spiritual being. If that did happen, it is probably the cause behind the misery that plagues the world in ignorance and confusion right at the inception of our first establishments of societies. Today we live in a world somewhat comfortable but that can’t be said of every place on the planet. One important thing history can teach us: we human beings, we can make a difference. I will not elaborate too much on this segment report here but I will keep on the subject soon, telling you that you can actually set for your own fate if you only knew the one truth no one can deny, but no one has thought as invaluable enough to be the only fulfilling path to a life of achievements, for all with no exceptions.

What I mean by “no exception” is that we are all destined to depart from the world and that certainly does not exist in our conscience as something drastic or even something that bothers our ways of living every day. No one really thinks of departing the world while we live here in constant hope of achieving all that can be achieved and completed within our short days and years of living. In fact, we live to experience the constant desire to waking up to eternal thoughts of receiving that supreme energy we call “love”. The physical sun that is felt on our body has the same attribute of that spiritual emotional love that helps endure, transit and admire life on earth. We all have the same desire to express ourselves in the best of our abilities. There is, therefore, some kind of “abundance”, we all feel we deserve to have and if we were to talk about “eternity”, no one would consciously deny the existence of a greater “ME” just like there has got to be a greater world out there, where “ME” or “MYSELF” has got to be important. So what it is that makes YOU a unique individual, someone so special that if we really knew the potential we each have to experience life in its fullest, we would simply wake up in the morning and have a totally different interpretation to what we think about “fate” or “destiny”. We would wake up without the contradictory walls that elaborate on what others or society think of “me”. Instead, we would rather choose the path of knowing what our conscience is telling us directly and personally, like for example, the deep insights into what this surrounding universe really thinks of “YOU”.

So if you were to ask a tree, a flower or a dog, what he would think about you, what would be the reflection? It would be like making a beautiful painting or artwork and then asking the canvas its feeling or opinion. What would the answer be? In my opinion, it would reply by saying: “I am your reflection, what else would you like to know?”. Indeed the entire universe reflects us. Describing the beauty of the morning sun or sunset across the horizon would then mean describing yourself. YOU are the morning light, YOU are the colors of autumn, YOU are the beauty of everything that you see as beautiful. Why do you smile back at a child who looks strangely at YOU right in your face? YOU are that child if you have compassion. Someone helping a Grandmother crossing the street and you just happened to watch and react “oh what a nice moment” – YOU are that very moment if you just had the chance to appreciate it, that moment can become yours to keep. It means YOU are everything you see as beautiful and which harmonize with your senses of peace, joy, and kindness. If YOU can appreciate everything the Universe serves your senses with throughout the day, then YOU have made this day “your” day. It is that simple and based on that very simple principle you can start your journey in living in abundance and complete control of your destiny. Meaning that if you learn to listen to your own conscience in the ways of careful observation of the beauty that surrounds you, God Himself might just as well come right in and show you everything you will ever need to know about life. Even the greatest scientists have claimed to be their inspiration to be the real cause behind the discovery they have made. Much above mathematics or physics, exist the laws of beauty. The energy we so rightfully call “love” can only be generated through the duality of cause and effect that rules the universe. If “YOU” master these rules, you unknowingly and naturally control the entire universe. It’s a good thing that “YOU” are everything you need to be.

You are everything you need to be to succeed in becoming a perfect human being. We did talk a bit about perfection in segment 5 (Transitory Times and the Quest for Perfection). I often laugh when I watch the world proudest individuals who claim perfection based on physical achievements. We do not realize that perfection closely connects to a sense of deep joy, deep recognition that we a part of everything and that everything connects into one giant web where the center is in the actual purpose by which the entire universe was created. Call it any name you choose but our intellect intelligence is not conceived to realize eternity and to understand the oneness of God, so we human societies have conceived our philosophical or religious environment based on great people and reformers who have come throughout history to give us a sense a direction to a limited or symbolic understanding of what is true. Our geographical position is our knowledge of the interpretation of the truth. But today, just close your eyes and think of who you might be, and the answer will come flowing like a river to the sea. Because we live in a time where we are obligated by law to believe in written texts, it is very interesting to think that the greatest philosophical or religious influencers the world has seen, have always thought about “respect” as the base to all interactions. Based on that commonality just like the undeniable commonality and biological resemblance that we all came out of the mother’s womb, then here you have the absolute tool to absolute perfection, without exception of who you think you are in the past, the future or the present.

It is interesting to think that everything we do through every hour of the day, is based on the sole inner desire of the heart to accomplish a little goodness for a good feeling. We look for comfort, we look for health, we look for ways to make little dreams come true. But lots of us are struggling just to survive with daily life’s expectation and to make ends meet. Is there a secret to releasing all the daily stress to simply become independently happy? We do all look for the truth. In whichever levels we connect knowledge to, we always seem to aim to know what has happened and what will happen. These are horizontal thoughts that help us feed our curiosity and we are often struck with depending on other people’s teachings and information. The truth of is really right inside us all the time and a day of realization makes up for satisfaction. It is when inspiration takes the lead of our day that we step away from common struggles. Basically, we look for ways to an abundance and I have discovered that it starts with one simple thought.

Most of us end the day thinking about the duties of tomorrow and that’s fine. But what if there was a way to detach from all the expectations that social life ponders on our mind? What if there was a way to become bigger than life itself? There has got to be a process or a method. There is simple thought I find to be very helpful to embark anyone in an interesting path. This thought might as well be the answer to all and might control everything that surrounds you. You might even pull the universe to come and greet you every morning and night when you go to sleep. This thought might serve you to discover all there is to know about everything and anything. This thought might be all the abundance you will ever need to fulfill the life that you wish. In my life, it has made all the difference. It does not matter how great you think people are, whether it is your boss, a genius out there, a sports champion or movie star, by the application of that simple thought, you will become the greatest human being your ancestral lineage has ever seen. With that thought in your mind, whether you want it or not, you are born for greatness. Now I will attempt telling you what that thought really is.

Yes, I will attempt to express an inspiration that I have felt just be standing facing the universe on the cold winter balcony. It is really simple to reminisce that all you need to enter the safe spirit communicative zone of any situation out there, is a feeling of humility that translates into showing gratitude. We call this “respect”. “Respect” is all you actually really need to conquer the world. If you had a choice of swords to go into battle, the sword of “respect” would be the ultimate offensive and defensive weapon. Respect is what unifies everybody regardless. For example, the protocol of “respect” for the rules of sports allows the Olympic gathering phenomenon every 4 years. So what do I mean by “respect”? What does that word really employ or engage in?

As I mentioned “respect” is a sense of gratitude and humility towards something or somebody. It translates into “reverence” and “honor” and anything that gives place to showing gratefulness, goodness and even beauty while communicating. It goes very deep actually and would you know that without that it, it would be impossible to spend a day in peace. It is the only condition required of the universe for us to inherit everything goodness ever represents. Now, having said that, it might be that the word is left misunderstood and confused with a sense of fear that rings in the tone of absolute obedience. But that is not what “respect” really means.

Every you do in life is based on “respect”. From morning to night, when you wake up, clean your face, take the train, greet other people and watch your car, every single thing we do allows sustaining our life by maintaining order with our environment and others. We do that almost without thinking about it. The first education we give a child is to learn to care and be thoughtful or others and things given. This is who we are at the very origin of all of our behaviors. So if we do that naturally based on the consistency of our conscience, can you imagine what this can do, if we become a bit more creative and decide to build the concept of respect in all that we endeavor in life? Respect connects to beauty and so it connects to original love. That is why it is so powerful. It reaches the heart and mind of the worst to the best equally affected. This is why we love nature almost undoubtedly because the entire naturally created system is in the unconditional service of our body and life. The air, the water, our veins, our bones, the park across the street, the light and the deep colors of the universe, all is here to help us maintain a sense of self and to carry us through a life of accomplishment through the growth of our spirit. It is actually amazing to think about it. But then, would we realize as grown up, that if we gave value to the virtue of respect and a way to voluntary apply that to our life in full consciousness of what it means, then my friend, you have it and you are indeed the source of all there is in love and beauty and you then become a unique individual untouchable to anything but the center of it all. The day we conscientiously become the followers of the rule that governs us all by nature, it is the day we safely can get together to celebrate. It does good to an event like the Olympics for example, where everyone chooses to follow the rules of respect through sports. The Olympics by itself becomes a microcosm of what heaven should look like on earth. Can you imagine what that would do if all the religious leaders would put “respect” as the forefront of their teachings, you would then have peace within 5 minutes time. But starting with oneself, can you imagine what you could achieve if you would simply find rulings to your daily life to automatically change your entire environment, whether you want it or not? If we truly understood the concept of “respect” and apply it to a ruling protocol that we had no choice but to follow, then there would be no hungry children in the world today.

What if we could actually control the way we feel? How that would be possible? What mastering I would need to have, to actually achieve the state of complete oneness? Some people go through years of meditation and life of abstinence. Some others decide to climb the Everest or conquer the North Pole. Some people have you go to these incredible technical seminars telling you that you are on the top of the world if you would follow their concept steps by the book. What’s wrong in our world is that it is thought that only the talented and disciplined can achieve greatness. But look at these people’s lives, do they really impress you at the end? But what if I told you that you, yourself, can achieve oneness in just one day, or even one hour? Then you would say “no way”, and would not believe a word of my promise to you. But that’s ok because I am going to prove to you that it is actually very simple for you to become the greatest being that has ever lived and you will understand quickly in just the following paragraphs. If I would tell you “You are God incarnated” you would feel good about that but probably not really believe it in substance. Well, this is just a matter of education. Faith, for example, is really simply based on knowing that tomorrow will comes even if yet it doesn’t exist in the present. Whether you want it or not, tomorrow will come, and whether you want it or not, you will eventually become an amazing human being. So why not become the greatest you’ ll ever be right now? Why wait, when your beautiful conscience can teach you everything you need to know just by asking the right questions. Just like a simple mathematical equation can open a thousand doors of scientific discoveries, the simple understanding of what love is made of and how do you actually produce that energy, can jumpstart your rocket ship to a perfected “happy you” in just a few minutes.
What if the first educational content of living a life of substance should be based on respect isn’t it? The word “respect” is often regarded as a confusing master-servant type of relationship in human societies. There is no real emphasis on the teachings of respect except in the context of events such as the Olympic Games.  There,  nations of the world compete into fierce physical challenges but everyone remains in good relations under the “rules” of sports based on systems that hold true to everyone. Therefore there cannot be the practice of respect without common rules. Saying that the Olympics are all about love, would be like saying that a rainbow is about air and sunlight. It would mean that love can exist in the observation and acknowledgment of rules that spring out of something that resembles everyone equally.