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Ignorance is a form of ego that feeds the mind to satisfy itself on the back of other people’s merit. (just thoughts whatever it means) – Today is my first daily blog since a long time so I am kind of rusty.

Reports: The work

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The International Leadership Team is now structured. You can see this on the domain + leadership (

I will write a special report and when you go through the pages, the part resume of each leader is not yet appearing everywhere. It will be completed in the days to come.

Reports: Just thoughts

Ignorance is a form of ego that feeds the mind to satisfy itself on the back of other people’s merit. We justify anything and nothing with the thought that other people’s problems are not of our own problem. A chaotic and suffering world is a problem for all and to all. (this is what I tell myself).

If we only knew of the existence of a creator of our body or if we really were aware of the existence of all the cells of our body we might just understand that the life we seem to possess is “grace” in its purest form. Nobody has planned or programmed his/her own birth. We were born out of somebody’s else wishes it seems and the only complain we should all have perhaps is that these human societies we live in are really not perfect as creation entices to be.

Whatever happened to this world in its beginning I can imagine that one could spend time, weeks, months and even years to just trying to figure it all out, but it will not change the fact that each day the sun still comes up in the morning want it or not. Therefore I take pleasure in the beauty that I see unchanging and unconditional through nature around me and consider myself lucky to be able to appreciate it all.

You might say, that actually billions of people are thinking the exact same way that I do. We want a better world. We are all of the same conscientious intelligence. Those who categorize intelligence as an unequal intellectual gift have let ignorance control the motion of their soul, and naturally, the more ignorant, the more selfish a person becomes. Self-centeredness is the undeniable symptom of a very sick and unbalanced human being or a society altogether.

Life is fair if you have the chance to go to school and sculpt your life to retirement then good for you. However, if you get caught into the thoughts of going into some providential quest for restoration and a prosperous world then I believe God Himself would be doing the “hiring”. In that case, a 100% committed heart is necessary to survive the blow of challenges that come with the job. If I had my own ways, I always tell myself that I would have made a great bartender in the Bahamas somewhere. To where I stand today there is no return and I am glad I am not a bartender in the Bahamas somewhere. Greater challenges await and I am ready,

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