Children Symposium

Children Symposium

1st International Symposium for the Protection of Children – March 11th, 2021 – Initiated on the Marine Foundation’s Anniversary Date.

This dinner was also the Banquet for the INITIATION of the First Symposium for the Protection of Children (Symbolic start). The Chairman of the Symposium will be Mr. Chikara Matsunaga (photo right), the founder of Leis Technologies, and which knowledge he will use as a tool to protect children around the world. This Technology will go into the hands of all the groups who fight against human trafficking, and therefore the symposium will include inviting regional and international police agencies worldwide.

MARINE FOUNDATION originally created with “Children & Women” in mind:

Marine Foundation is the absolute Platform of development that comes with a systematic approach to engineering projects worldwide with the support of its own IT social membership platforms, some 50 designed International Events in the range of festivals, exhibits, symposiums, and sports. It has also created the United Five Oceans (U50), consisting of Five continental boards to welcome Diplomats and Business Leaders aboard one communication platform. Now it also embraces its financial Platform DWB (Development World Bank) founded by Mr. Brian S. Mason.

In the origin of its system, the Marine Foundation represents and celebrates humanity’s birth through the miracle of the Mother’s womb. That is where our physical-biological resemblance undeniably exists, and on that scientific truth, it proclaims the standard of absolute respect for life and the environment. The Marine Foundation is the fruition of inspiration produced by charismatic women starting with Ayumi Nakamura, Koura N. Ouattara, Emi Shiraishi, Sachiyo Kai, Undra Semjidsuren, HRH Sanyogita AtreySumi Kondo, Anne Claire Berg, Eiko Saito, Yoko Akahane, Yoshie Ishii, Kyomi Inoue, Beatrice LeTroadec, Yvette Viverito, Amsatou Sidibe, Fatoumatou Balde, Nobuko Kotoyori, Cordelia Masalethulini, Zanele Dlamini, Rose Vardini, Conchita Leeflang, Naima B. Mlouka, Ayesha Engelbrecht, Rokhaya Diatta, Maria Sanchez, Isabella Marziali, Aminata Keke, Marian Saif AlShamzi, Elizaveta Djumanova, Flore Bell, Awa Kone, Veronica Lazarus, Michi Nakao, Maye Sall, Celia Medley, Irka Bochenko, Hala Sarhan, Sonie Cantave, Marie Hancy, Aya Miki, Junko Tado, Saori Tado, Miyako Yusa, Evelyne Clark, Choi Suk, Chiaki Okamoto, Laurence Rakotobe, Vanina Aronica, Makiko Akimoto, Hiroko Arai, Yuka Kobayashi, Kady Kone, Jung Yun, Rashida Stemmet, Jackie Freemantle, Masako Suzuki,Tessy Ekpunobi, Junko Minekawa, Yukari Sato, Naoko Hiraiwa, Marie Antoinette Tchikaya, Elisangela Rassul, Ildiko Botlik, Mia Davis, Manyima B. Sarr, Judith Ryan, Adja Diagne, Rika Kakimoto, Lauriane Luwutuku, Yolande MBarga, Siha San, Romalia Gomes, Caroline Liu, Coura S. Fall, and many many more. All are Queens of their World, and they are magical in that way. Undeniably the makers and builders of the Marine Foundation. They are the Divas of the Orchestral Management System of the greatest organization on earth.

Women’s Movements & Voices:

Marine Foundation is the first global platform with a “First Ladies Club” that comprises the world’s highest status women om the world. Presidential Spouses, Royal Families Ladies, Executive Women Business Leaders, Diplomatic Status or Spouses, and Academic Elite Women Owners of Hospitals and Institutions, all in the same “First Ladies Club.” That added the IWC “International Women Club” that includes all women of all status on the planet. First Ladies Club

Distinguished Friends & Members

Chikara Matsunaga:

Founder and President of Lei Technologies (Patent Owner) Message from Mr, Matsunaga:
“Congratulations on the 8th anniversary of the Marina Foundation and the symposium to protect children around the world yesterday. Also, thank you for inviting me. I was happy to spend an important day together. We, members of Open-Close Trust, Shin-chan, Koto-chan, Emiko-chan, Toru-chan, Yasuhito-chan, Chi-san. We will create a mechanism to protect children around the world with technology! !! We will continue to move forward with Tomeo for world peace! I look forward to working with you.” Chikara Matsunaga

Yasuhito Sakaguchi:

Sakaguchi-san used to be in nursing robot industry of Daiwa house Senor Member of the Daiwa House of Japan.

Toru Tsuda:

Founder and President of System Company Axrossroad.  He over 100 engineers working to build systems in IT Industry and Security.

Special People

From left to right: Yasuhito Sakaguchi, Nobuko Kotoroyi, Chikara Matsunaga, Chiaki Okamoto (Translator)

On my right the Great Jazz Singer Harvey Thompson. from right Kiyomi Inoue (IBC member) and Emiko (Anime Manager for Athena Gressard)

From left to right: Ayumi Nakamura-Gressard, Toru Tsuda, Yoko Akahane (President IWC Japan)

Sumi Kondo (right) Manager Japan Marine Foundation and Ayumi Moriyama wife of Football Star Yasuyuki Moriyama (center) (right) Ayako-san (Sumi’s assistant)

(On my right) the great Professor Fukumoto, Minister of Technology and Science at the Marine Foundation.

Mr. Fukumoto’s Birthday – March 11

Sumi Kondo (right) Manager Japan Marine Foundation and Ayumi Moriyama wife of Football Star Yasuyuki Moriyama (center) (right) Ayako-san (Sumi’s assistant)

Surprise Greetings from the Chairman of the Washington Times, Tom McDevitt, to Yoko Akahane, President of IWC Japan.

A good surprise in the morning from Tom McDevitt of the Washington times was sharing some of the development ideas for the near future that could relate to incorporating the Marine Foundation’s support. At the news of the event tonight in Tokyo, Tom asked me to greet Miss Yoko with a “Warm Hug.” The IWC President had become a friend of Tom, and I decided to do a “public hug” to Miss Yoko as a mark of respect for Tom’s good wishes for the day of the Anniversary of the Marine Foundation’s special occasion.

Campai!! In Japaneses it means “Cheers” – And Today a Wish of Health and Happiness to All!

The special wish is for all those watching or reading this blog to be blessed with the fortune to inherit the wisdom needed to help children worldwide become respected by their societies regardless of culture, religion, race, or social background.

In Honor to the Humble Beginnings

March the 11th is the anniversary of the birth of the Marine Foundation in Japan. You can find extracts of the history on the “About” page. It all started simply some ten years before the registration and making it a total of 18 years into the making. The Marine Foundation is now the most extensive development concept globally, and there has never been such a system built before. We registered two years after the Fukushima Earthquake anniversary date and on the exact time at 2:45 Pm when the clerk at the government office called up our name. (find the detailed information and photos here toward the bottom of the page). Today I felt the need to express special thanks for some of the first members present: Ayumi Nakamura and Emi Shiraishi.

Humble Beginnings:

When I speak about humble beginnings, I talk about the wealth of spirits who have come on the way to making what Marine Foundation is today and will be soon. I am grateful for every single hand or thought of encouragement that came to supply our development with natural energy filled with Heaven’s blessings.

Thank you all for coming! See you at the next event!

Photographer: Hiroyuki Tsuruta

Hiroyuki is a best friend of many years and also a FIRST member of the Marine Foundation and actually much before the Marine Foundation was created. You can contact him on mobile or LINE would you need his great photography services: +81 90 8720 7821

Ambassador’s banquet Photographer:

A past Marine Foundation event where Hiroyuki was the main photographer: Click on the photo below or follow this link

First Ambassadors Welcoming Event

First Ambassadors Welcoming Event

“Japan’s deep heart of respect for Africa and what Africa represents to the world”

日本のマリンファンデーション財団の紹介 (click here)

Diplomats have always so much to give and teach, but rare are the occasions to meet the executive crowds of Tokyo’s busy streets. The Marine Foundation initiates events that can help dialogues and opportunities using education and celebration to help bridge cultural gaps. Even tonight, I could hardly count on my fingers who knew where Eritrea or Burkina Faso are located in Africa. And yes you have people of the best universities in the world but we still ignore the whereabouts of our neighbors. I am glad we can help if we can. The Ambassadors of Eritrea, Djibouti, Benin and Burkina Faso, inspired us with words of light and I am sure that tonight everyone will have learned something. Also, Counsellers from Cameroon, Mali and Cote d’Ivoire also made the atmosphere one of rejoicing and yes it was not exactly an all Japanese style of event.
Whether business, diplomatic, religious or cultural relations, everything starts with respect for one another. That’s when the heart beats in the realm of absolute respect that good, sustainable relations start to form. I felt just that in the drumming of Camille Johnson and his energetic group. It was something unique to see, Japanese wearing kimonos going round and round just like a Japanese Matsuri Festival. Cross-cultural events should really be lots of fun.

“Japan Global Hospitality Spirit will Shine through Women’s Initiatives”

Conbining Traditional Art with Modern Materials and Techniques

Women Executive Club of Tokyo

EXS – Tokyo

On the outside, the club will represent Japan’s hospitality spirit in 3 forms:

1 – The brands of Japan.
2 – The Kimono and traditions of Japan.
3 – The media production of Japan.

On the inside, the club will represent Global Women’s spirit in 3 forms:

1 – Japan global hospitality spirit through tourism.
2 – The peaceful development of relations through event organization.
3 – The voice of mother earth for the protection of all children through the Marine Foundation’s educational developments

If you are interested in entering your name with a free entrance to the club please write to: [email protected] / Women Executive Club of Tokyo


1 世界に向けて価値ある日本ブランド
2 日本の着物や伝統
3 日本の情報を伝達するメディアの制作


1 – 日本の世界的規模のホスピタリティ精神に基づく観光
2 – 平和を構築するイベント
3 – 母なる地球の メッセージであるすべての子ども達を守る為のマリンファンデーションによる教育開発

エグゼクティブ・ウーマン・クラブ東京にご興味がある方は、入会無料でお申込みできます。こちらのメールまで お名前とメールアドレス、連絡先をお送り下さい。[email protected] Women Executive Club of Tokyo

More Information (click here)

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How to wear a kimono in 3 minutes – Presented by Mr.


Jazz living legend came to greet the Ambassadors.


A great thank you to Family and Friends


Yayoi is a Japanese classical Diva. She performed for the Ambassadors.


“Enjoy the Rest of the Photos with our Other Very Special Guests”

Photographer: HIROYUKI TSURUTA: +81 90 8720 7821

All Photos on this page were taken by Professional Photographer Mr. Hiroyuki Tsuruta. Call him!