Monday, October 7 , 2019


Lyon, France.

To June 16, 2020 (360)








Daily Reports:

Strategic Report of Reflection and Action:

Lyon France is a beautiful city. This is the city of my childhood where I planned my first trip to the United States when I was still very young. It is where I first started thinking about the world at large. I was very young and I did not realize how beautiful the place was at the time. It is to me,  more inspiring than Paris. 


Europe has so much history written all over, through the buildings and the shapes of nature. Remembering and appreciating the past is the magic created by the art of living. No one wants to remember the wars or conflicts. It seems that the fact that the world’s most beautiful places were created with so much attention to the details. 

Things I Have Learned today:

I learn that people in Europe live by the day. It is interesting and very different from people in Asia. Life is somewhat a desire for constant celebration here. People want to express themselves externally through encounters and through art. So the moment becomes very important. 

This is Nicolas and Anne Claire. Anne Claire is my sister and presently living in Switzerland. Lyon is only 3 hours from Chabrey Switzerland. We came to Lyon to also visit Brandon, their son, who graduated with a master’s in Event Production. Brandon is 23 years old and has a promising future. The Marine Foundation is entirely designed to profit young people and prepare them for a big bright future.  

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