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Lyon, France.

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Daily Reports:

Strategic Report:

Lyon was a revealing town for me. It was the birth of my thoughts of the world as I know it today. I remember walking at night and wondering about the existence of life and human being. Have you ever asked yourself such questions when a child? At that time I already knew that I would never be happy with a regular professional career of any kind. I was into music from an early age but even the thought of becoming a celebrity never really attracted me. What was entertaining to me was the thought of being part of something that would help make a difference. By the books that I read and the teaching of Jesuit monks, I felt the world had a huge problem. Because my Mom was gone at age 6 and my stepfather was too busy with his businesses to look after me, I was left to myself in my own conscience to discover. I considered I was lucky to be able to make up my own mind about anything I would pursue. From this hometown, Lyon, I then planned my escape to the United States of America. I was 13 years old. The plan worked out fine and discovered what became my new hometown, the city of Chicago, Illinois. If I had not made this move, Marine Foundation would have never been born today. 

Observation: Lyon is a very kind city. Very different from Paris in so many ways. I would choose Lyon to any places in France would I had to stay. The food is especially the very best France has to offer. The food of Lyon is not comparable to any places in France. There, you find the real masters of gastronomy. The greatest chef in the world Paul Bocuse, from Lyon. 

Listing of To-Do things:

We need to find an IT person in Japan to start building the IWC database and Japanese Website. I need to complete my work in Switzerland and move on to Africa, through Japan. I think I will be able to leave the country soon. I may have a visit to the South of France later on but am not sure yet. 

Freedom comes with Results:

In discussion with a strategist from Africa and a new member from Holland, I have come to immediate planning when it comes to develop Africa. Of course we do have lots of planned projects and everything is a priority. But in my understanding of project development through the Marine Foundation, I understand that the first point of interest by which we will settle a base of development is starting with the Marine Industry.

Things Learned: Always keep to the bases. No matter how far you have gone and how great you feel you are, always keep to the bases when planning new things. Reflection can help filter your motivation better. 

Photos BelowHometown children character “Guignol” / View over the Rhone River in Lyon / Opera house /

Video: Floating hotel over the Rhone River in Hometown of Lyon.

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