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Daily Reports:

Strategic Report: Retrospective – The Olympic Organization and the Marine Foundation.

The Marine Foundation has a strange resemblance in its system to the Olympic organization. We have made a system that commands respect for life and the environment. The Olympic commands respect through the rules of sports. The International Committee of the Brand has therefore been created to protect the foundation against the corruption of any kind. 

Observation: I have stayed in Switzerland for almost 40 days now. It is a record in staying in Switzerland. I am happy to announce that everything is going so fine and much work is being done here. Because of my position I have to confront special challenges to allow me to put the entire system to work. Once started there is nothing much that would be able to stop it. 

Listing of To-Do things: I will contact Japan soon to see if we could find some good IT people. I am sure everything is fine with the development of IWC. This would present a very special platform and Japan being the headquarters for such organization makes perfect sense. 

Results Bring Freedom: When we talk about “results” we only think about the fact of something that has been achieved. The result of anything we try to do in life resume in the communication we do to be able to achieve our goals. The process is more important than the final result. The process must transforms into beauty for the result itself to take value. Your communication today, with other people, or with your environment, is the most important thing you will do. As long as you have communicated properly with the world that surrounds you, you have achieved all the condition to bring freedom into your life. 

Things Learned: The above written is exactly what I am learning myself. If we are willing to offer our heart and mind without the stress of struggling for the purpose of our life, we must be willing to share our thoughts to others and to report the situations we find ourselves in, in the process of achievement. A child who reports his/her day to parents has more chance to be protected. Our conscience is everything we dream about if we can imagine what a true teacher or true parents might look like. Therefore, always refer to your conscience at the beginning of the day and report to your conscience before sleeping at night. You will be liberated and here lies your true freedom to become who you really wish to become. 

Photos BelowAt the Olympic Museum in Lausanne Switzerland.

Video: Olympic flame.

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