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Chabrey, Switzerland / Swiss Regional Office

To June 16, 2020 (360)








Daily Reports:

Strategic Report: Retrospective of my visit to Switzerland.

I came to Switzerland through Paris France, to establish the completion of the Marine Foundation set up, with the registration of new members there including a savy businessman, Honorable Diomande, from Cote d’Ivoire who supports the Marine Foundation. In Paris, the meetings were conducted successfully which let to the meetings in Switzerland. Diane Retard, our administrative staff had prepared the meeting at the notary office and a short visit to Lausanne, the birthplace of the Olympics. 

Observation: I was able to successfully lead Honorable Diomande through a full visit and he did spend the night at our house in Chabrey. Before then we had dinner at Avanche, a city close to our office. There is a lot to be said to the many responsibilities I have to make sure our operation here starts in the positive and which means that I have to make sure to afford every billing that comes to our door at this time, in order to welcome our world supporter in the country. 

Listing of To-Do things: One of the main thing that needs to be done is the set up of database system to record all the new members of IWC Japan. We need to find a young IT person with the ability to organize excel files and basic Japanese website. After recording people we can easily set up event and meetings to grow the membership quickly. IWC is an audience of the First Ladies’ Club. 

Results Bring Freedom: The result so far has been very fruitful in establish all the base relations needed to move on to the next big step. This is accomplish through my stay in Europe. It is actually easier to control things from here but it is also very demanding to communicate with everyone in the same time. Reality is that I need to be in Africa and everywhere for the set up to be right. 

Things Learned: I am making an effort to do better reporting and for that I have leaned wonderful ways to go about it. Now I feel that everything is finally coming to order. I must push to the sep up of a complete platform of operation to do the right thing all the time. There is nothing more important that constructing the proper system for our organization to take off with the right wave. 

Photos BelowHonorable Diomande with Businessman  in Paris / H.Diomande with Marine Foundation staff (Diane Retard) at Notary Public office / Tomeo with H.Diomande / Lausanne Capital of the Olympics / H.Diomande with Tomeo in Lausanne / With Anne Claire Berg at Marine Foundation’s office in Chabrey Switzerland.

Video: View from the Olympic museum facing Lac Leman.

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