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World Broadcasting Message:

Week 11 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

March 7, to March 13, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports
New IBC Members & Directors

This week in review:
Presentation of Mrs. Colle to UAE potential sponsors
Freddy Amazing Art Work has given Japan-Korea Friendship festival
Saudi Arabia on the move
AIIDA – Arabian Islamic Initiatives for the Development of Africa
Delegation Ready for Africa
The Initiation Banquet for the Symposium of the Protection of Children

Presentation of Mrs. Colle to UAE potential sponsors.

Mrs. Carmen Colle is developing a concept bringing hate couture to the African continent and, in the process, providing job opportunities for women of Africa in an industry that counts in billions of dollars in yearly revenue. Mrs. Carmen Colle is the mother of Haute Couture, and her name resonates in the wardrobe closets of some of the richest on the planet. I have presented the file to a Dubai sponsors group, but if you would like to jump into that chance to share in supporting Women’s Empowerment in Africa, please contact Mrs. Colle to offer her your support. (General file presentation below) or Go to Mrs. Colle’s presentation page here.

PDF presentation of Sponsorship Investment opportunity with Carmen Colle - World Tricot Africa - click here
[tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe file=”https://marinef.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Presentation-Carmen-Colle.pdf” width=”100%” height=”1000″ download=”true” print=”true” fullscreen=”true” share=”true” zoom=”true” open=”true” pagenav=”true” logo=”true” find=”true” current_view=”true” rotate=”true” handtool=”true” doc_prop=”true” toggle_menu=”true” toggle_left=”true” scroll=”true” spread=”true” language=”en-US” page=”” default_zoom=”page-fit” pagemode=”” iframe_title=”” default_scroll=”0″ default_spread=”0″]

Freddy Amazing Art Work inspires the birth of the Japan-Korea Friendship festival.

A great Artist from Africa, Freddy Mongo Wenakio, is presently making hundreds of drawing for toys and souvenir materials to promote relations between Japan and Korea. This initiative is inspiring the Japan-Korea Friendship Festival’s birth, which we will initiate this summer in the Tokyo Olympics’ surroundings. Freddy was introduced by the splendid “Jospin”, the African Picasso from DR Congo. Go to Jospin Page here.

Saudi Arabia on the move.

Saudi Arabia is also opening its doors to the Marine Foundation with outstanding IBC new members through the present leadership of Dr. Mohmmed Alfehaidi, who has already introduced seven influential members for the GCC region. In predicting the development of the GCC regions and representing the entire Arabic – Islamic societies of the world, Marine Foundation had created the AIIDA Agency. The Agency will now roll under the Dubai Leadership of our great brother Dr. Mohammed. The president of the agency will be selected in a short while and I would love to see an Arabian Princess spearing up the movement.

Arabian Islamic Initiatives for the Development of Africa

GCC regions

Arabian Islamic Cultural Regions of Support for Africa’s Economic Growth with Infrastructural Projects and Finance.

At the commencement of a systematic start of operations with our organized unparalleled worldwide network organization, The Marine Foundation extends to you, an invitation to become a partner to sustainable project developments throughout the fifty-four nations of the African continent in all the categories of industries.

AIIDA – Arabian Islamic Initiatives for the Development of Africa, is a platform uniquely created to promote the economic interest of Africa with the creation of corporate and institutional structures surrounded by in-house “feasibility and human resources” staging the world’s most respected minds in technology, education, and promotional systems. Read more here

African Delegation Ready to go.

Without giving too many details with a photo of an extract of the letter of invitation produced by the President of Guinea’s office, (photo below) we would like to thank Mrs. Fatoumata Blade for her fantastic work preparing for a Marine Foundation’s 12 members delegation; This includes the Chairman of the DWB, Mr. Brian S. Mason, also leading the WATEROTOR’s amazing technology, coming to Africa for great outstanding settlement: it will provide free electricity to all. Mr. Fred Ferguson, the inventor of the technology will also be present.

Mrs. The Initiation Banquet for the Symposium for the Protection of Children. (Blog coming next week)

March 11th was the ANNIVERSARY OF THE REGISTRATION BIRTH OF THE MARINE FOUNDATION in MARCH 11th 2013. I will send the report about the Banquet Symposium Initiation on a different blog. But I would like to give Honor Mrs. Ayumi Nakamura-Gressard for the endurance (below photo taken at the banquet) and for Mrs. Emi Shiraishi and Mrs. Sachyo Kai for the Administration Support at the very beginning (Photo below taken on the day of March 11, 2013). More information on history on the ABOUT page.

With Mrs. Ayumi Nakamura-Gressard (March 11, 2021 – Initiation Banquet of the Symposium for the Protection of Children) — On the right with Emi and Sachiyo on the day of Registration of the Marine Foundation in Japan. Go to the About page here. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ALL! and GOD BLESS YOU!

Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Monday 8, March 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Reflection on Kyoto visit presentation of Yesterday
Visit to Dr. Nakajima with De. Nakamura and Nobuko.
Return to Tokyo.

Tuesday 9, March 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Human resources dialogue.
Surprise encounter with Jennifer Jarosik.
Preparation of event March 11th and Children Protection Symposium.
Meeting with Yoga Master and Tomoko.
Operation Chart Leadership of the Marine Foundation

Wednesday 10, March 2021
The day starts at 3:40 Am.
Leon’s new IBC member and discussion
Arrangement of organization with Paul Yapoga
Passport presentation of Delegation to Africa.
Confirmation of 1st Symposium tomorrow.

Thursday 11, March 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Event preparation for the Symposium and Celebration.
March 11th, Anniversary of the Birth of the Marine Foundation.
Communication with the Chairman of the Washington Times.
I am meeting with Sumi Marine Foundation Japan Section director.
All guests present at the event.

Friday 12, March 2021
The day starts at 4:00 Am.
Departure for Kamakura – Reflection day.
Day of reflection Kamakura sea.
Discussion with Paul Yapoga regarding visit to President in April.
WFYA presentation of the first community by Emmanuel.
Freddy is progressing with the art collection for Korea-Japan.

Saturday 13, March 2021
The day starts at 1:00 Am.
We are requesting additional passports.
We are completing the new membership Reference to Dr. Mohammed.
Preparing communication with UAE and Turkish embassies.
Calling up the next Japan event before departure to Africa.
Membership of Tomoko Miura and the Master.
Membership of Chikara and his friends.
Membership of Kamel of the Football organization.

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Saeed F. Alamri

Hisham K. Almujil

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