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World Broadcasting Message:

Week 9 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

February 21, to February 27, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports
New IBC Members & Directors

This week in review:
Future of Japanese Economy with Reforming Japan Governance System.
The Global Samurai Award of Common Sense, Courage & Service to Humanity.
IWC Japan and it’s way to Stardom.

Future of Japanese Economy with Reforming Japan Corporate Governance System.

Japanese corporate governance is here a long time coming. Luckily and through Mrs. Naoko Kubo (IBC member), I met Mr. Okutsu, a retired financial elite whose mission is to pioneer the Japanese economy’s well-being with one good concept in mind: Reforming the Japanese corporate governance system. This encounter came to me as a revelation of something that was always in my mind; why Japanese executives lack PR communication talent. The answer indeed came this week through Mr. Okutsu’s topic of changing the present system to something fitting the needs of today’s international marketing challenges to gain or invite new markets to the nation’s demanding need for growth and positively respond to international competition. It all lies in the leadership capacity, therefore, the conditions to give hard-driven young professionals replacing the “Sempai” philosophy of management when politicians retired force themselves into leading structures which they have little or no experience. I will be doing a unique blog on Mr. Otsuku to bring attention to his vital reform informing the Japanese corporate environment. At the Marine Foundation, the initiation on support Japan Corporate Governance took place in the design of our “Sponsors Corporate Structure” with the set up of the Green Label Concept. Below photo: At Mr. Okustu’s house in IZU Japan.

The Global Samurai Award of Common Sense, Courage & Service to Humanity.

Beauty in the fashion world has many faces. The face of physical beauty is the main factor of recognizing what is and what is not, what sells and what sells not. However, Brand Business can expand to new horizons when beauty defines a person’s character and a sense of responsibility for the societies in which we live. Enters “Global Samurai” of Masaki Matsunaga, the Kimono textile structure maker, reinventing in shapes and spirit Japanese ancestral cloth environment like never conceived before. In honor of the original personality approach given to his creation and the content merging with the Marine Foundation’s spirit of absolute respect for life and environment, we will be initiating the “Global Samurai Award” portraying common sense, courage, and humility to a person’s leadership achievement. The Global Samurai page and website will soon appear in readiness for an adventure in discovery and wild imagination (on the positive side of life). (photo below of Masaki and Joyful, creative spirit).

IWC Japan and it’s way to Stardom.

IWC – International Woman Club, born in Japan in the early spring of 2020, has gone a long way thus far. Its leading director and president, Yoko Akahane (IBC members), has gone through the many struggles of establishing the management system, which would allow an international club phenomenon. It assembles all the women of the world under the same voice of beauty and initiative for children and women empowerment in all the fields societies can offer in the modern world of today. IWC is the women’s voice of the Marine Foundation. Yoko is trying hard to put it all together without much guidance from me, and purposefully, I often let it be a part of discovery for those involved. Now that she has persevered in persistence, stamina, and grit for what she believes is right, she is about to receive all the tools needed for its multiplication. I am indeed preparing the official website that will arbor the 1500 African members already scheduled to come onto the platform and initiative IWC through Mrs. Rokhaya and Mrs. Sibide (Ministry of Education) already involved in the causes of women throughout their regions. You can understand the structure of IWC as a federation of all the women clubs that already exist. The concept will bring all-women groups under a pragmatic platform of development for projects that need the support needed to grow the causes these groups represent. (Photo below: Henna Art from Yoko, a display of love for all women’s culture).

Introduction of the IBC Membership Card.

Introduced by the initiative of Dr. Mohammed Alfehaidi, Director for the GCC regions, the IBC membership card will become effective throughout the platform of the 360 members of the group (Presently 205 and growing each week). There is an excellent presentation on the IBC membership here at https://marinef.org/entrance/, where an International Brand Committee member is also a “Shared Brand Owner,” therefore the lifetime license ownership of the brand of the Marine Foundation. This license will become rather financially significant when the foundation launches its 50 annual international events and eight mass membership platforms. You can see the current listing with photos here at https://marinef.org/leadership/, and if you click on people’s images, you will access their official page directly. It is as if, for example, Facebook concept writer had decided to share the copyrights of its brand to 360 people instead of the five people they presently are.

Consequently, this license can present to be a great privilege. Please enquire at administration@marinef.org if you do not see your photo there. The card will serve as the ultimate identification ID for claiming royalty and the presence in all the group’s VIP and Committee gatherings. The colors and content will be in variation. Each member is recorded in both databases and the official website, making it impossible to forge or be tools of fraudulent parties.

Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Sunday 21, 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am
Meeting with Harvey Thompson. <br>New Japan IWC member.
Chikara Technology for children Discovered.
Definition of Ambassador Weya with Mrs. Ouattara.

Monday 22, 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
New leadership Saudi Arabia.
Letter of donation to Singapore and Information.
Discussion with Yoko IWC President.
Reply to all members – report replies.
Beach Seminar with Yoko IWC president. Topic: Leadership.
Photo of Naima into the website.
Communication with Princess Merriam – Webpage fixing.
Communication with Madame Balde.

Tuesday 23, 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am
Switzerland arrangement –
Business cards to Dr. Mohammed.
Contract announcement and delivery.
Discussion with Mr. Mason – Naima communications.
Visit to the car companies for the acquisition of Public vehicule.
Call from Switzerland and settlement of situation there.
Registering Mr. Taiji Okutsu – Special report Japanese Corporate Governance.

Wednesday 24, 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Letter of interest for the new office in Paris.
Communication with Vaddana Keo Paris. Center of Development.
Communication avec Roland – Foundation AGAKAN.
Welcoming Mila Mason and Dr. Lazarus as IBC and First Ladies Club members.
Welcoming Vaddana Keo as IBC members.
Design of the Marine Foundation’s IBC Membership Card.

Thursday 25, 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Acquiring the Transportation system for Marine Foundation Japan.
Message to South Korea
Clean the desk
Membership cards for Brand Owners
IWC Website and presentation concept.
WFYA Presentation concept ready.
DEEDEE Pilot project preparation concept.

Friday 26, 2021
The day start at 5:00 Am.
Meeting Mr. Desire Advisor to the President of Congo.
Words of thanks to Ryochan and Shinchan.
Letter Sierra Leone President and President of Liberia.
Office in Paris signature of Agreements.
Lawyers fees in Switzerland for the Marine Foundation’s protection.
Visit to Marine Foundation Shinjuku office with Hitomi Chiba.
Visit to Solomon – Queen Shiba African Restaurant. Music Session.
Communication with Celine Chevalier of South Korea.
Communication with Terry IBC member representing Sierra Leone.

Saturday 27, 2021
The day start at 6:16 Am.
Hitomi Chiba registration of project for the FCCJ (Correspondent Club).
Communication with Amy Quat – School for Children. Pilot Project for Africa.
Preparation communication with Mr. Mieno – In preparation of Monday


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Dr. Hani Hafiz

Vaddana Keo

Mila Mason

Dr. Veronica Lazarus

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