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Takeharu Nagata

Member of the International Committee of the Brand

“360” Co-Founding Group Leadership / Code “054” – Annual Celebration Day: May 3

Member of the International Committee of the Brand.

360 Group / Code “054” – Celebration: May 3

Member of the Co-Brand Ownership of the Logo and Trademark of the Marine Foundation.
Member Representative of Japan – Production: Entertainment & Education

General Organizational Information

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Japan International Concept & Project Design Headquarters:

21F Shin-Marunouchi Center Building,
1-6-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Phone: ++81-3-3216-7176
Business Hours:
10:00a – 5:00p M-F, closed S-S
Under the Convention of Marine Foundation Tokyo, our Global Office Reception
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The Marine Foundation: Capabilities

The Marine Foundation has established its 241 nations territory of development with each country’s template represented in its official presentation website. The foundation is an umbrella of over 30 agencies (franchises) of projects and programs to pursue the economic restoration of a region through education, technology, medical, tourism, and infrastructure.

The platform now initiates the “Wealth Legacy Academia Club” to host and welcome the position of at least one thousand Billionaires incited and interested in the economic growth of all developing regions of the world through infrastructural, health, and educational projects.

In addition to its signature projects for rebuilding nations, the Marine Foundation is also established as a Multi-Media Production & Entertainment structure with an International “Annual Event” platform and several online and offline mass membership structure systems. Furthermore, it wants to use the channels of educational media and cultural, social, and familial celebrations to promote peaceful relations throughout its expansion.

The institutional structure of the foundation is meticulously controlled by a “Brand” (MARINEF Brand), where the “brand legislature” protects the foundation’s organizational structure with a constitution and the supervisorial platform of an International Brand Sharing and Ownership Committee of 360 members worldwide. In addition, this conglomerate of shared brand ownership is monitored under the ruling of a “Universal Constitution,” which dictates high morals and governance standards of coherent common sense within the businesses and institutions the foundation produces with the deployment of its brand-associated agencies.

Added the grandeur of becoming a leading Public Relations platform, the Marine Foundation is essentially built to be an environment of systems and policies that stand for zero tolerance for promiscuousness or any detriment or harm to human life and the environment with the absolute protection of children and mothers. The forum welcomes the genius collective minds and hearts of every individual whose passion is for love, light, and the safety and prosperity of all our children.

The Marine Foundation is designed to be a giant interconnecting spiderweb of human managerial communications systems that copies the conception of universal rules instituted in the functioning of the created universe. It relies on establishing rigid human rules of respect for life and the environment as per the example behavior of the physical world that surrounds us and makes up the unconditional functioning mechanism of our body and mind.

Introduction to the Marine Foundation's structural concept

Education, project development, and marketing through international events make us a movement of reforms where the agenda takes economic rebirth a prerequisite duty wherever it would establish. Among other systems, our educational planning revolves around 3 reforms in content: Sea Campus Universal (15000 children per school), Global University of Technology & Development, and Ocean Universal (complete maritime education). Focusing on these sectors only would help reconstruct any region or improve already developed countries' status.

We are a "peaceful" movement. We talk of peace in the substance in the look of an "olympiad philosophical concept" or a place where there can be no conflicts. For example, in the Olympic Organization, based on the disciplines of sports rules, people worldwide gather together to dispute titles for medals. Here we see that sporting rules govern nations' relations during 2 weeks of events, every 4 years. This is indeed the example of a peaceful concept, where common sense takes over, and participation requires neutralizing religious, cultural, or political backgrounds for a while.

The Marine Foundation centers its ruling in gathering its network around the values of the birth of humanity and so the birth of life itself. The undeniable truth of the reality of the mother's womb brings out our biological commonality. For that reason, our corporate ruling proclaims and demands a standard of absolute respect for life and the environment. From that understanding, our management system and ideological backgrounds must leave common sense in perfect human relations of absolute respect. Peace has a chance to flourish in the understanding that we all come from the same birthplace. The Marine Foundation is a practitioner of the rules in the context of membership and leadership communications, enticing diversities to come and work together under the banner of education and celebration. Even when it comes to cultural traditions, religions, or political parties, the one who loves and respects the most will ultimately become the champion of attraction and popularity.

5 Main Executive Central Committees:

  1. The 1st executive committee is mainly internal, and consists of the Board of Brand Owners made up of 360 members representing the 360 degrees of a perfect circle. Each day of the year will represent one member making it 360 days celebration.  They represent as a group the core supervisory membership through actual unique ownership of the branding of the Marine Foundation.
  2. The 2nd executive committee is the First Ladies Club, where the leadership would represent the voice of Mother Earth as a supervisory and voting power to our educational project Development structure. This is the keyframe by which "women" become the absolute standard about birth education and the celebration of life.
  3. The 3rd executive committee is the diplomatic membership of the United Five Ocean's platform (U5O). U5O represents the 5 continents united into a "Club of all Nations"  where diplomats mingle, representing their cultures and come together under the vicinity of the continental regions their nation belongs to. In addition, U50, or Club of all Nations, serves to support economic growth through supporting the Public Sector with information and event gathering services.
  4. The 4th committee is the Executive Club Assembly, which attracts successful business leaders (men or women) to unite under the honorary naval title of "Admiral" to identify and celebrate their potential to become role models of modern societies to lead the next generation to prowess through their example and presence within the Marine Foundation's platform.
  5. The 5th committee is the Billionaires Legacy Academia Club, which is a council for infrastructural restoration, where extremely wealthy people have a chance to gather in the discussion of megaproject development, maritime or on land, to seek the harmony of communication of our planet through transport projects such as bridges, tunnels, and an international highway concept. Marine Foundation runs uniquely under the umbrella banner of its own branding through the organizational establishment of mass membership platforms and a large event organization system. The creation of these 2 large communications sectors gives it an unparallel control over sponsorship. It will allow it to round up the entire world under large media publications and production platforms.

2 Mass Communication Platforms:

Wikinations: An educational and commercial online portal connecting 240 nations into a giant international Chamber of Commerce online via educational web design & PR concept. To that effect, it takes after the business model of  Wikipedia's example who plays more the role of an encyclopedia. In contrast, "wikinations" will become a tourism information center & regional promoter, with a corporate membership within for businesses to expose their services right within the platform. Thus, not only will it become an educational tool to institutions around the world, but it will also serve as reference governments to show off their nation under the banner of attractive beauty and production media to attract investors and developers.

Global Citizens Live Association (GCLA) is a mass membership social platform that caters to any individuals but targeting mainly the family member with a zero tolerance to promiscuity and where values of respect in human communications are taken to the maximum extent of the moral ethics. GCLA becomes an automatic educational incentive as it is connected directly to "wikinations" with exposing flags into the member's dashboard instead of faces first. By flirting the cursor upon the flag image of a new contact, the member receives the immediate option to open the flag's wikinations page for a quick overlook of that person's nation. Contacts stay hidden under the flag of provenance, and opening the contacts dashboard is optional. Meaning that the member becomes more interested in showing how many flags show up on the member's dashboard than showing off faces of people who can stay categorically hidden behind their flag of provenance. The platform will become a "must" to learn geography and culture rapidly through real-time communication between members. Reaching a full dashboard of 240 flags would mean that a person has friends all over the world while becoming familiar with the existence of 240 nations.

One Mega Event Organization Platform

The worldwide network of the Marine Foundation (MARINEF- ADN) has the unique privilege to connect to an entire event organization divided into Festivals, Symposiums, Exhibits, and Sports. The design of 50 international annual events is set to help promote quality tourism to benefit economically any region where the foundation is established. Events are also good media to promote the causes of projects and programs' involvement with information media distributed continuously and sustainably. The event opportunities will also affect supporting areas with promotional tools to attract investment and developments to places that need exposure to the world.

PDF - Marine Foundation General Presentation and Planning - English


PDF - Understanding Brand Ownership & General System

Marine Foundation Short One Page Introduction - PDF - click here


You can contact the MARINE FOUNDATION’s Chairman at +81-90-4944-559 (Tokyo-Japan)

MARINE-FOUNDATION (MARINEF.ORG): A Visionary International Organization Promoting Global Cultural Unity, Diplomatic Cooperation and and Sustainable Development.

Marine Foundation's Operational Strategic Capability

MARINE-FOUNDATION (MARINEF) is an organization founded by Tomeo Motto RDG, characterized by its visionary outlook, sovereign-level status, and diplomatic privileges achieved through international agreements with African nations. The administrative headquarters of MARINE-FOUNDATION are situated in Tokyo, Japan. Fundamentally, MARINEF is dedicated to fostering global cultural unity, exemplified by the establishment of the United Five Oceans (U5O). This pioneering initiative underscores a fundamental truth: our planet's oceans and seas encircle all continents, symbolizing our interconnectedness. In this context, MARINEF emerges as a beacon of unity, tirelessly advocating for the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures worldwide. Its status parallels that of the United Nations (UN), yet it extends further, wielding international authority within a geo-political context under the strategic leadership of eminent figures such as the founders of the "Development World Bank" (DWB). These global leaders aspire to collaborate seamlessly with MARINEF-U5O, engaging in a multitude of humanitarian, diplomatic, and developmental endeavors while preserving the full sovereignty of regions. This distinctive fusion of diplomatic stature and financial autonomy, under the aegis of the Marine-Foundation Trust, empowers MARINEF-U5O to execute its missions with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, potentially surpassing conventional organizational structures.

MARINE-FOUNDATION is presently committed to serving the global population at large, transcending geopolitical boundaries, and championing the cause of peace based on the guiding principles of common sense and morality. Its system is designed to promote economic development, facilitate infrastructure improvements, and stimulate social investments to attain enduring peace among diverse cultures.
MARINEF-U5O ensures that diplomatic interactions among nations revolve around economic benefits, enabling nations to retain control over their sovereignty and culture while avoiding religious, cultural, or political conflicts. The support of influential African nations bolsters the robust diplomatic presence of MARINEF-U5O. MARINEF-U5O (Marine Foundation) serves as a Universal Cultural Platform of Peace, dedicated to fostering the coexistence and prosperity of all.

Legally registered across Asia, Africa, and Europe, with plans for expansion into the UAE and GCC regions, the Marine Foundation is strategically positioned to facilitate its global operations. As an international entity dedicated to the social, economic, and cultural advancement of communities worldwide, the Marine Foundation collaborates with a diverse array of professional and academic organizations to provide top-tier services.

Many of its partners in socio-economic development and investment have earned recognition from Interbrand as either a Best Global Brand (BGB) or Best Domestic Brand (BDB). These partners include prominent business leaders from five continents, featuring notable figures from the Arabian Gulf and India.

Through these collaborations, the Marine Foundation has established one of the most effective and efficient platforms for sustainable investment and operational systems, supported by a robust network that enables rapid global responses. In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, the Marine Foundation has also developed a unique public relations mechanism capable of mobilizing public and private funding for strategic interventions across various priority socio-economic sectors. Our approach prioritizes human-centric development, empowering individuals to contribute and participate in their country's progress, thus strengthening the global market within international societies.

The Marine Foundation places a strong emphasis on promoting and developing human capital. We believe in the potential of every global citizen to realize their dreams. Our vision of humanity encompasses decency and solidarity, which are essential for building stable economies. By fostering inclusive and well-balanced systems, we can effectively address various ecological challenges. Together, we are stronger and safer.

Educational Structures & Institutions

WFYA - World Football Youth Association & MIFA - Marine International Football Academy

Connecting Young Talents Globally & Sports Equipment Distribution System. Official page

The Voyage Academy - VA

Academic Heritage Traveling Club for Tourism Development. Official page

World Naval Federation - WNF

Naval Exercises for Humanitarian Services & Disciplinary Training. Official page

Ocean Universal Academy

Marine Foundation Children's Full Marine Education & Environmental School - Official Page

National Kingdom Schools - SCU

Sea Campus Universal. Fast Leaning & Children Full Accommodation Systems in the form of children educational villages. Official Pages

Global University - GU

University of Technology & Development and the Faculties of Vocational Technical School. Official Page


Clubs & Assemblies

Brand Owners Association - IBC

Marine Foundation supervisory members Part Owners of the Brand. Official Leadership page  -  Official Entrance Page

First Ladies Club - FLC

Women's Voice for Education & Women Empowerment. Presidential Spouses, Royal Families & Dignitary Ladies. Official Page

United Five Oceans - U5O

The Continental Confederation of all Nations of the Marine Foundation. Official Page

Club of Africa - COA

African Discovery Renaissance & Reunion Heritage of the Motherland. Official Page

Wealth Legendary Agency - WLA

Billionaire Legacy Academia Council for Infrastructural Restoration. Official Page

AIIDA - Arabian Islamic Initiatives for the Development of Africa

Arabian Islamic Cultural Regions of Support for Africa's Economic Growth with Infrastructural Projects and Finance. Official Page

Montebise & The Club of Kingdom Nations

The Gathering of True Monarchs for Peace and Restoration. The Peace Assembly of Kingdom Nations. Official Page

The Federation of First Sovereign Nations & Indigenous Tribes

Based on the Development World Bank of Founder Mr. Bian S. Mason. Official Website

The Council of Celebrities - COC

Education & Celebration in the Context of Celebrities' participation through the System of the Marine Foundation. Official Page


Transfer of Technologies & Medical

Health Distribution Agency - HDA

Marine Foundation's health distribution program worldwide up to the 241 nations/regions of the world. Official Page

Maritime Development Agency - MDA

Connecting Marine Technology to the World. Official Page

Children Hospital & Resort - MCHR

International Children Hospital and Resort based on the Concept of Dr. Professor Undra Semjidsuren. Official Page

Japan Africa Partnership Initiatives Agency - JAPIA

"Japan-Africa" "Public-Private" Partnership Special Initiatives For Economic & Educational Developments. Official Page

Slow Moving Water Technology - WATEROTOR

Bringing Electricity to the Entire World, Mr. Ferguson is the Founder and Proud Owner of the Marvelous Organization, which has recently become a Marine Foundation via its Co-Chairman Mr. Brian S. Mason, Founder of the First Development World Bank. Official Page


Mass Online & Offline Membership Platforms

Global Citizens Live Association - GCLA

Marine Foundation initiates the Global Citizen Live Association – GCLA – to assemble a movement for those who adhere to the practice of total respect for human life, one another, and the earth's environment. Official Page


Geographical Education & Corporate Membership. International Chamber of Commerce Online. Official Page

Marine International Communication Centers - MICC

The Global Communication Center serves as Physical Places of Social and Educational Gatherings of the GCLA membership. Official Page

International Women Club - IWC

The International Women Club is a worldwide "Women Oriented" platform with a mission to become an audience of support for the Marine Foundation concerning women empowerment and the Protection of Children worldwide. Official Page


Mass Multimedia & Diplomacy

Marine Correspondent & Media Club - MCMC

The Exact Replica of the Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan. This is the media base of the Marine Foundation throughout the world. Official page

Marine Embassy Resorts - MER

Starting with Africa, the development and settlement of the most Charismatic and Unique Diplomatic  Hotel Chain Ever Conceived, Under the Ruling of the United Five Ocean. MER is the Home of MCMC and the Headquarters of the World Naval Federation. Official Page


Financial Platforms

First Development World Bank - DWB

Conceived, Founded, Created, and Owned by Brian S. Mason, the DWB is also set to reunite all the Natives' First Sovereign Nations of the World. It is a Total Reform of "Wealth Distribution" Through the Full Fledged Development Platform of the Marine Foundation, which in the Great Part, will use the DWB's financial wisdom to the creation of the most ambitious projects on the planet. Official Page


Entertainment & Tourism

World Peace Orchestra - WPO

If you want to feel the love, listen to the music while looking at someone's eyes, but if you're going to see what it sounds like in action, engage your world to celebrate at all times. Classic Division, Jazz Division, and Modern Division. Official Page

Maritime Tourism Agency - MTA

What's Good for One is Good for A Million. Official Page

Sea of Dreams - SOD

The Initiation of Women of the Marine Foundation for all Children at Large. First Chapter at Aruba Caribbean Island. Official Page

Freddy's Magical Toy & Design Factory

Creation of ART objects and Brand Material by African Artist Freddy Mongo Wenako. Also, the cooperation with Jospin - Renown African Artist. Official Page


Corporate Responsibility & Governance, and Sponsors Groups

The Green Certificate

Corporate Certification in Leadership, Integrity, and Inspiration. The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Worldwide. Official Page

Sponsors Sisters Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization. Official Page

Sponsors Partners Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Business Industries and Organizational Management throughout the world. Official Page

Sponsors Affiliates Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Business Industries and Organizational Management throughout the world. Official Page

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Activities & Information

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