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World Broadcasting Message:

Week 17 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

April 18, to April 24, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports
New IBC Members & Directors
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This week in review:
Departure to Africa
The Last Weeks of Miracles
Why Guinea is Famous in Japan
PCR Test Before Departure to Africa
Kobe Institute of Computing to Guinea & The Gambia

Departure to Africa

Marine Foundation is to Africa Sunday, April 25, and returning in the first week of May. I may travel to the Gambia with Mr. Paul Yapoga, who triumphantly completed all presentations required of us before meeting His Excellency the President, Mr. Alpha Conde of Guinea Conakry.

Why Guinea is Famous in Japan: Celebrity Mr. Ousmane Sankhon

Ousmane Sankhon was born in Boffa. After graduating from the National University of Konakri , he studied abroad at the Sorbonne University in France at the national expense and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guinea in 1972. In the same year, he came to Japan as an embassy member of the Guinean Embassy in Japan (Goodwill Ambassador to Japan and spent eight years in Japan. After working in Washington, DC, USA , he took a leave of absence from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guinea in 1984 and returned to Japan. The same year, popular was also request a “to spread the Guinea” from Guinea Japan Exchange Association TV program ” laugh!, he will start talent activities. In addition to his talent activities, he has been volunteering for 15 years, giving lectures and donating Japanese stationery and clothing to his hometown of Boffa . He received the Order of the Rising Sun, Somitsu in April 2017 .
On that days meeting with him and his chairming wife Mizuki, he brought to our encounter the renown TOKUSHUKAI Hospital Group represented here by his friend Advisor Representative for Africa, M.D. PhD Dr. Milanga Mwanatambe of Guinea. I was able to give a short presentation on the Marien Foundation and the message went through enough for all of us to be planning good strategies to supporting further the relations betweeen Japan and Guinea Conakry. This was really a revvered opportunity to bring alonside our network the great hospital group of Japan. Very timely to our situation with our upcoming trip to Guinea, Dr. Milanga connected us to his circle of friends at the Shonan General Hospital for the unavoidable PCR test.

PCR Test Before Departure to Africa

Thanks to the meeting with Mr. Sankhon we were given the rights to visit the Number One hospital in Japan “Shonan Kamakura General Hospital” located in the city of Kamakura. I drove there in the company of Professor Fukumoto and Nobuko Kotoroyi also blessed by her mother’s presence amongst us to accompany through the hills of that beautiful maritime region. The test was negative for all of us and then released that we would be all participating in this adventurous trip to Africa. Dr. Shinishi Kono gave us the honor to visit the entire medical structure, with the warm welcoming of Mr. Kenta Ebisawa, (Africa Division of International Affairs Department and Project Manager of the Tokushkai General Incorporated Association.

Discovery: Kobe Institute of Computing to Guinea & The Gambia

Kobe Institute of Computing (KIC), is located in the center of the beautiful city of Kobe. KIC introduces a program to produce ‘work-ready’ professional IT personnel who, regardless of their previous field of education or previous work experience, will be prepared for professional roles in the IT industry. The program curriculum is progressively structured in a way that proceeds from foundations to application & practice. Read more here

The school was introduced to me through Mr. Chikara Matsunaga and Nobuko, presently ready to accompany me to Africa several days later. In Preparation to this trip, the discovery of KIC is surely a great advent. The founder Mr. Kenji Fukuoka is certainly an amazing revelation where it is rare to find someone who grab the understanding of the African continent as much as one could, when distanced by such cultural differences but able to depict the bright future of the Motherland through the purpose of his unique corporate vision of technological developments. I was very moved by the welcoming of his team there and by the English presentation made by Dr. Nick Barua the COO of the University’s related company called “SWIFT Xi”. More information here. SWIFT-Xi call for accelerating social innovation: Cultivating innovation and developing disruptive technologies for systems of autonomous systems, robotics & AI, urban mobility, and power management. Swift-Xi Inc. is a Japanese joint venture between Swift Engineering Inc. and the Kobe Institute of Computing, located in the city of Kobe in Hyogo prefecture.

I look forward to the day of working together to the purpose of developing Africa with all the computing needs the people there might need to transforms regions and countries together. There, Mr. Matsunaga our IT representative with our delegation to Guinea Africa, filled his responsibility with the introduction of what I think is the most advance Japanese educational group that fits perfectly the demanding need for the systematic development of the Motherland Africa. (Please watch the Videos below)



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In effect, most of its partners for socio-economic development progress investment are listed by inter-brand as a best global brand (BGB) or best domestic brand (BDB), and the top business leaders from five continents, including some of the most prominent business tycoons in Arabian Gulf and India.

In doing so, the Marine Foundation has built up one of the most effective and efficient innovative platforms for sustainable investment operations systems with the most robust network for the fastest global reactivity around the globe. Moreover, in this fourth revolution era, Marine Foundation has secured an ingenious public relation mechanism that has the unique power to mobilize public and private funding bodies for strategic intervention in various prioritized sectors of socio-economic sectors. We mean developments with more human sensitivity towards global communities to empower the people and bring them into contribution and participation to their respective country emergence. And by then strengthen the global market of our international societies.

Progressively, the Marine Foundation believes much more in the promotion and development of human capital first and the ability of each world citizen to make their dreams realized. Humanity stands for decency and solidarity in building stable economies. Inclusive and proportionally well-balanced systems would support various ecologic challenges. We are much more robust and safer together.

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Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Sunday 18, April 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Payment to Switzerland.
Payment to Africa for the Delegation.

Monday 19, April 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Visit at Embassy of Turkey.
Meeting with Mr. Ousmane Sankhon.
Meeting with the biggest Hospital Group of Japan

Tuesday 20, April 2021
The day starts at 1:54 Am.
Discussion with the Gambia Mr. Camara and Dr. Sura
Preparation of Zoom call meeting with Canada Gambia Japan
Confirmation with Guinea Hotel with Andre.
Discussion with Paul.
Special letter to Switzerland
Visit MCC children in Katsushika Ward.

Wednesday 21, 2021
The day starts at 2:00 Am.
Letter to Dr. Koh – Response to Royal Family.
Visit the Country proposal.
New members of IWC.
Gift from Children of MCC and Page.
New IBC Members Recorded.
Eric – Collette – Dr. Sura – Camara – Sankhon – Milanga – Shinji –
Gambia Preparation.
Visit University in Kobe south of Japan. Revelation.

Thursday 22, 2021
Deliver Gift to Yoko IWC from Ambassador & Mrs. Koura.
Preparation Trip and travel equipment.
Transfer to Canada – Transfer to Switzerland – Transfer to Guinea.

Friday 23, 2021
PCR Test in Kamakura Japan
Dr. Fukumoto – Nobuko – Chikara-San
Return to Tokyo

Saturday 24, 2021
More preparation for departure.
Communication with the Delegation.
Communication Jardin de Kadija.

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