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Week 23 of 2022 – Marine Foundation

Mitsuhiro (Hiro) the Soul Sailer

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This week in review:

Mitsuhiro, the soul sailer, met face to face with the whale of mercy. The whale knew that Hiro was crossing her ways and she protected him saving his life against the storm coming.

(read the full story somewhere…) Hiro was introduced to the Foundation by the mystical Tomoko Matahari Miula (Image) – We had a zoom conference between Tomoko, Hiro, and myself on February 11, 2022.

Mitsuhiro “Hiro” Iwamoto

On April 20, blind yachtsman “Hiro” Iwamoto, 52, of San Diego accomplished his dream of sailing nonstop across the Pacific Ocean between San Diego and Japan. Sharing the tiller 24 hours a day with his sighted sailing partner Doug Smith, Iwamoto finished the exhausting voyage in 55 days. That is, 55 days plus six years of waiting and hoping for the opportunity. read the full story here. You can also google his name to find out more.

Member of the Club of Admirals

Discover the Story of Mitsuhiro, go to his membership page, and watch the movie.

The Marine Foundation is creating a special education program that will add to the World Naval Federation a great inspiration for all the young people it will welcome. Check the WNF here.

The 3 first naval first stations of WNF are planned to locate in Houston Texas, San Diego California and Hawai throught the “Hawaiian chieftain” operation that will start through the Onwers of the ship sometimes this year. I would like to invite Hiro to be part of the program.

If you want to save the world, Be greedy to the max.

Yes, I am the most selfish person in the world. However, considering that this foundation is mine (and yours), I want it to be successful to the max, including all the members involved, which means that you will be successful. And since this world is our world, and we want it to be saved and restored, we are the most greedy people in the world. When you take greed and extend yourself to include the whole world, “greed” becomes a good word. Your confidence and competence depend on how inclusive your thoughts are. If your greed centers on yourself only, then yes will soon become very lonely. So please be selfish on the scale of saving the entire world. The survival skills of your five senses do not make you a human being. To be a human Being, you must extend beyond your survival skills and become sensitive to your surroundings as if everyone were you and you were everyone. The intelligent part of you has nothing to do with your mind (intellect) or body. If you want to save the world, you must go beyond the illusionary perception of who you think you are. In reality, you are so much bigger than you can ever imagine. In the story below, Mistsuhiro goes beyond his physical senses to experience life to its fullest and has a message that can save lives.


Educational Structures & Institutions

WFYA - World Football Youth Association & MIFA - Marine International Football Academy

Connecting Young Talents Globally & Sports Equipment Distribution System. Official page

The Voyage Academy - VA

Academic Heritage Traveling Club for Tourism Development. Official page

World Naval Federation - WNF

Naval Exercises for Humanitarian Services & Disciplinary Training. Official page

Ocean Universal Academy

Marine Foundation Children's Full Marine Education & Environmental School - Official Page

National Kingdom Schools - SCU

Sea Campus Universal. Fast Leaning & Children Full Accommodation Systems in the form of children educational villages. Official Pages

Global University - GU

University of Technology & Development and the Faculties of Vocational Technical School. Official Page


Clubs & Assemblies

Brand Owners Association - IBC

Marine Foundation supervisory members Part Owners of the Brand. Official Leadership page  -  Official Entrance Page

First Ladies Club - FLC

Women's Voice for Education & Women Empowerment. Presidential Spouses, Royal Families & Dignitary Ladies. Official Page

United Five Oceans - U5O

The Continental Confederation of all Nations of the Marine Foundation. Official Page

Club of Africa - COA

African Discovery Renaissance & Reunion Heritage of the Motherland. Official Page

Wealth Legendary Agency - WLA

Billionaire Legacy Academia Council for Infrastructural Restoration. Official Page

AIIDA - Arabian Islamic Initiatives for the Development of Africa

Arabian Islamic Cultural Regions of Support for Africa's Economic Growth with Infrastructural Projects and Finance. Official Page

Montebise & The Club of Kingdom Nations

The Gathering of True Monarchs for Peace and Restoration. The Peace Assembly of Kingdom Nations. Official Page

The Federation of First Sovereign Nations & Indigenous Tribes

Based on the Development World Bank of Founder Mr. Bian S. Mason. Official Website

The Council of Celebrities - COC

Education & Celebration in the Context of Celebrities' participation through the System of the Marine Foundation. Official Page


Transfer of Technologies & Medical

Health Distribution Agency - HDA

Marine Foundation's health distribution program worldwide up to the 241 nations/regions of the world. Official Page

Maritime Development Agency - MDA

Connecting Marine Technology to the World. Official Page

Children Hospital & Resort - MCHR

International Children Hospital and Resort based on the Concept of Dr. Professor Undra Semjidsuren. Official Page

Japan Africa Partnership Initiatives Agency - JAPIA

"Japan-Africa" "Public-Private" Partnership Special Initiatives For Economic & Educational Developments. Official Page

Slow Moving Water Technology - WATEROTOR

Bringing Electricity to the Entire World, Mr. Ferguson is the Founder and Proud Owner of the Marvelous Organization, which has recently become a Marine Foundation via its Co-Chairman Mr. Brian S. Mason, Founder of the First Development World Bank. Official Page


Mass Online & Offline Membership Platforms

Global Citizens Live Association - GCLA

Marine Foundation initiates the Global Citizen Live Association – GCLA – to assemble a movement for those who adhere to the practice of total respect for human life, one another, and the earth's environment. Official Page


Geographical Education & Corporate Membership. International Chamber of Commerce Online. Official Page

Marine International Communication Centers - MICC

The Global Communication Center serves as Physical Places of Social and Educational Gatherings of the GCLA membership. Official Page

International Women Club - IWC

The International Women Club is a worldwide "Women Oriented" platform with a mission to become an audience of support for the Marine Foundation concerning women empowerment and the Protection of Children worldwide. Official Page


Mass Multimedia & Diplomacy

Marine Correspondent & Media Club - MCMC

The Exact Replica of the Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan. This is the media base of the Marine Foundation throughout the world. Official page

Marine Embassy Resorts - MER

Starting with Africa, the development and settlement of the most Charismatic and Unique Diplomatic  Hotel Chain Ever Conceived, Under the Ruling of the United Five Ocean. MER is the Home of MCMC and the Headquarters of the World Naval Federation. Official Page


Financial Platforms

First Development World Bank - DWB

Conceived, Founded, Created, and Owned by Brian S. Mason, the DWB is also set to reunite all the Natives' First Sovereign Nations of the World. It is a Total Reform of "Wealth Distribution" Through the Full Fledged Development Platform of the Marine Foundation, which in the Great Part, will use the DWB's financial wisdom to the creation of the most ambitious projects on the planet. Official Page


Entertainment & Tourism

World Peace Orchestra - WPO

If you want to feel the love, listen to the music while looking at someone's eyes, but if you're going to see what it sounds like in action, engage your world to celebrate at all times. Classic Division, Jazz Division, and Modern Division. Official Page

Maritime Tourism Agency - MTA

What's Good for One is Good for A Million. Official Page

Sea of Dreams - SOD

The Initiation of Women of the Marine Foundation for all Children at Large. First Chapter at Aruba Caribbean Island. Official Page

Freddy's Magical Toy & Design Factory

Creation of ART objects and Brand Material by African Artist Freddy Mongo Wenako. Also, the cooperation with Jospin - Renown African Artist. Official Page


Corporate Responsibility & Governance, and Sponsors Groups

The Green Certificate

Corporate Certification in Leadership, Integrity, and Inspiration. The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Worldwide. Official Page

Sponsors Sisters Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization. Official Page

Sponsors Partners Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Business Industries and Organizational Management throughout the world. Official Page

Sponsors Affiliates Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Business Industries and Organizational Management throughout the world. Official Page


Marine Foundation's Operational Strategic Capability

Marine Foundation is legally registered in Asia, Africa, and Europe (Soon UAE & GCC Regions) to ensure worldwide global operation. As an international organization dedicated to social, economic, and cultural advancement within world communities, Marine Foundation collaborates with an extensive range of parent-professional and academic organizations worldwide to deliver the most valuable quality services.

In effect, most of its partners for socio-economic development progress investment are listed by inter-brand as a best global brand (BGB) or best domestic brand (BDB), and the top business leaders from five continents, including some of the most prominent business tycoons in Arabian Gulf and India.

In doing so, the Marine Foundation has built up one of the most effective and efficient innovative platforms for sustainable investment operations systems with the most robust network for the fastest global reactivity around the globe. Moreover, in this fourth revolution era, Marine Foundation has secured an ingenious public relation mechanism that has the unique power to mobilize public and private funding bodies for strategic intervention in various prioritized sectors of socio-economic sectors. We mean developments with more human sensitivity towards global communities to empower the people and bring them into contribution and participation to their respective country emergence. And by then strengthen the global market of our international societies.

Progressively, the Marine Foundation believes much more in the promotion and development of human capital first and the ability of each world citizen to make their dreams realized. Humanity stands for decency and solidarity in building stable economies. Inclusive and proportionally well-balanced systems would support various ecologic challenges. We are much more robust and safer together.

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The purpose of this daily note reporting is to keep track of my daily activities as a reminder for follow-up. It also helps our team to track the work in progress.

Work starts exactly at midnight.
Contacted Jeremy and Samir.
Contacted Brian and Dr. G.
Contacted Andy and Phenced team regarding tPromotional planning.
Page for Dee Dee completed.
Page for Suzan completed. Name arrangement.
Rafeek contacts me about cobalt in DR Congo. (to think about).
Communicationw with Diane in Switzerland.
Communication wtih Maria Spain & France.
Communication wtih Elida – USA. – song.
Completion of Sandra’s page Vatican.
Communication Monaco – Introduction Nicole.
Communication Monaco – Samir and email reply.
Irka Bochenko communication.
Marilyn Monroe documentary. (Investigating Journalism).
Metropole Hotel new presentation. Simple to the point.
Denilson membership license and page.
Correction on previous member license number.
Fixing Sandra’s name on the web and documents.
Meeting with Phenced at 8 am on Monday morning.
Communication with Cordelia, Naima and Paul of Switzerland.
Communication with Greenacre of Canada + Brian S. Mason.
Video from Celebrity singer Cephaz of France.
Communication with Philippe Camarra.- documentation for registration.
Engagement with the Hospitalier Group regarding distribution.
Communication Coletter / Diplomatic status – Pierre Quirin – Monaco.
Pakistand wtih Bishop Dr. Mukhta to consider for the near future. Visit to Pakistan.
Razon Compare to register may be.
Communication with Koura – Cote d`Ivoire.
Communication with Scott and Ali
Communication with Nobuko – Japanese.
Nomination Youssouf Sylla – Chairman of the Youth.
Discussion Haiti situation and Jules Garcon is missing.
Call with Brian – The future is bright. Connectin Abellard Gensly.
Sending teh DHL documents to Dee Dee in Ethiopia for the PM office.
Dee Dee Business cards.
Communicationwtih Nicole and Youssouf.
Discovery of the Hawaiian chieftain through Elida.
Event with Reiji and friends – Meeting Ayami.
Letter to the first ladies – Elida
Philipe Camara response.
Sierra leone Team.
Yoshie and Sumi Page remake.
The Marine Foundation Land in Sierra Leone.
Communication with Elida, Diana, Andy, Scott.
Communication with Monaco.
Peace Ambassador in Cote D’Ivoire.
Irka and Cephaz met.
The land in Sierra Leone
The Investor in Japan
The cote d’Ivoire invitation
The F1 in Metropole
The Boat and the whale. (need another Zoom call)
The document for donor Zaidan Dramane.
The quick call to the guy in HK and friend.
Call from Adja.
Call from the Prince Bahrain.
Promotional content for Phenced.
Send DHL to Prime minister of Ethiopia.
Succeeding with getting petty cash funding.
Pages for Nobuko – Tomoko and Kazue / also Yoshiaki Saiga.
Set up the new Leadership form Zaidan system.
Call from Adja.
Call from the Prince Bahrain.
The Letter of the Japan-Korea tunnel.
The Legal office added to the DWB and presentation website.
Answer to Hospitalier.
Steven’s business cards.
Documents to Edward to send out.
Meeting with the Ship team

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